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You can search the internet and get paid via Paypal or get free gift cards and prizes just for searching online. Check out Swagbucks!

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You can get FREE money via Paypal, and free gift cards from places like Amazon, Target, & Starbucks, just to name a few! You earn “swagbucks” by doing your regular internet searches on the Swagbucks website…. (the same searches you do every day when looking for stuff online) and then redeem them for Paypal cash or free gift cards. As an example, 450 swag bucks = $5 Amazon gift card. 700 swag bucks = $5 via Paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: You should also know that at this time (February 2011), all searches on Swagbucks are UNFILTERED. Swagbucks has told me they may be implementing a “safe search” / filtered search option, but this has not yet occurred. Keep this in mind when signing up, especially if you have children in your house.

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Here is a great Swagbucks tutorial.

If you like Swagbucks, try Surveyhead – get $5 FREE just to sign up!

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{12} Comments

  • 11.04.11 Wendy Swartz

    I’de like to know how to get more swag bucks…. Is there a method to use to get more bucks?

  • 01.08.13 Linda:-)

    been stuck in an elevator