Get free diapers AND get paid $10

Get free diapers and get paid $10

I have done a paid diaper trial with my son about 4 times now, and I just got called to do it again! You get about 20 – 140 disposable diapers (or training pants) sent to you FREE in the mail, and then they send you a check for $10 after you complete a quick phone survey.

NOTE: ARQUEST NO LONGER DOES FREE DIAPER STUDIES! Check out Mysurvey &Ipsos i-say for free diaper studies! The name of the company is Arquest, and they are looking for moms of children still wearing diapers. (Sometimes they have trials with disposable training pants/pull ups as well.) If you have a child in diapers/pull ups and want to leave your name to be contacted when they have more openings, call:


  • GIRLS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646
  • BOYS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634

You can also press 9 for “diaper study” when you call the above number. It is a recorded message.


You will need to leave your name, your phone number, your child’s gender and diaper size. They will call you when they have an opening. (Be patient, it can take 4 – 8 weeks to be called the first time! But sometimes they will call you right back, the same day!)

I do the paid diaper trials about once a month. They send you FREE diapers, along with a survey to fill out. About a week later, they call you on the phone and you give them your survey answers. It takes about 2 minutes to tell them the survey answers on the phone. I’ve gotten to try all different kinds of brands of diapers on my son this way, plus earn $10 each time! It’s awesome.


***Note: I have also done paid diaper trials through MySurvey

***Quick note for moms: Ipsos Survey Panel is looking for moms with babies

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