Free vision exams / eye exams for children under age 1: InfantSee

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Free vision exams / eye exams for children under age 1

Did you know you can get free comprehensive vision exams / eye exams for children under age 1? There is a wonderful FREE program called InfantSee, that provides free comprehensive vision exams for children ages 6 months to 1 year of age. Are you surprised vision exams are offered for children so young?

When I still worked outside the home, I worked as a library and information consultant for individuals with vision difficulties, including those persons who are totally blind. You would be surprised how many children with low vision / parents of children who are blind I worked with. Getting your children’s eyes checked at a very young age is NOT something to be overlooked or taken lightly. The sooner vision problems are caught, the more likely they can be corrected or even TOTALLY PREVENTED. Even waiting a year or two could be too long for some children with vision problems. By doing an early vision exam, you just may save your child’s vision, and that is something you will never regret.

Our personal experience with InfantSee – what happens in the eye exam:

We personally took our son to an InfantSee provider for a free InfantSee vision exam when he was about 9 months of age. The exam was very thorough, and the optometrist explained that the vision exam is basically as comprehensive as the eye exams done on adults. However, because they are working with children, they use totally different techniques. They use lots of fun activities and it’s amazing the information they are able to tell you by using a few simple techniques. Several things bounced around on computer screen for our son to look at, the optometrist also put some drops in his eyes to check for various problems, shined some lights around the room and in his eyes, and she also played some fun little games with him. He sat in daddy’s lap the whole time and seemed to have some fun during the exam.

We learned that our son’s eye health was perfect (thank goodness!) and was right on track for his age. He was slightly farsighted, which is normal for most infants. InfantSee providers practice special techniques in these eye exams, and therefore not all optometrists are trained InfantSee providers or participate in the Infantsee program. Even if your pediatrician does a vision screening, this is NOT the same thing. It is simply not as thorough as the InfantSee examination.

If you have a child ages 6 months – 1 year, PLEASE take them for a free InfantSEE exam. There are no income requirements – the program is totally free for all children. Even if you don’t have any children ages 6 months to 1 year of AGE, please spread the word about this incredible FREE program. You just might change a child’s life and future with this one simple eye exam.

You can find out more about this program and find an optometrist who participates in the free Infantsee program here

Disclosure: I do not work for the InfantSee program, and I am not affiliated with InfantSee in any way. This is simply a program I am very passionate about, having worked with blind children and parents of blind children. So please, forward this important information onto your friends and family today.

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Comments {2}

{2} Comments

  • 08.11.09 Madame Deals (Renae)

    Great information! I wish I would have know about it sooner for my boys. I am going to be taking my soon to be three year old in as he seems to be cross eyed often. Thank you!

  • 08.11.09 Jeff the 'Thrifty Daddy'

    Thank you so much for this information! This is really, really helpful and I hope it gets re-broadcast as much as possible (with credit) to get the word out. I had never heard of it before.

    There is a participating optometrist a few blocks way from our home. We will taking our daughter there in the next few weeks. Again, many thanks.