How to get FREE diapers, plus $10 free – we got 138 diapers FREE at one time!

How to get FREE diapers, plus $10 free – we got 138 diapers FREE at one time!

We posted awhile back about how to get FREE DIAPERS and get $10 free. We have been getting free diapers this way now for months, and we recently got 6 free packages of diapers, all at one time. This was a total of 138 diapers (23 in each pack X 6 packs). Plus we got paid $10! This is an amazing program, and anyone can take advantage of it. Not to mention that I really liked the last diapers they sent us. I would even pay for them if I had to, lol. :)

For those of you who have never heard of this, here’s how it works:

You get about 20 – 140 disposable diapers (or training pants) sent to you FREE in the mail, and then they send you a check for $10 after you complete a quick phone survey. (As I mentioned, the last time I did this, I got SIX PACKS of diapers, or 138 diapers, free – so the number varies with each diaper study.)

NOTE: ARQUEST NO LONGER DOES FREE DIAPER STUDIES! To learn about more freebies for parents and kiddos, sign up for our daily freebie email – CLICK HERE! The name of the company is Arquest, and they are looking for moms of children still wearing diapers. (Sometimes they have trials with disposable training pants/pull ups as well.) If you have a child in diapers/pull ups and want to leave your name to be contacted when they have more openings, call:

  • GIRLS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646
  • BOYS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634

You can also press 9 for “diaper study” when you call the above number. It is a recorded message.

I do the paid diaper trials about once a month. They send you FREE diapers, along with a survey to fill out. About a week later, they call you on the phone and you give them your survey answers. It takes about 2 minutes to tell them the survey answers on the phone. I’ve gotten to try all different kinds of brands of diapers on my son this way, plus earn $10 each time! It’s awesome.

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  • 05.16.11 CASONDA


  • 10.24.11 queenie

    As of 10/24/2011, I called and the message stated “it was no longer a valid number.” Too bad because I was really looking forward to free diapers with a newborn on the way in a few weeks.

  • 10.24.11 darcie

    I called too and was disconnected…. :(

  • 08.07.12 malissa

    i did this and was disconnected it said something about air line tickets

  • 09.02.13 Ashli

    Gow do i do this. My sin is in diaper and i have a baby on the way this would really help.