Old Navy Weekly chat room rules & FAQ

Old Navy Weekly chat room rules & FAQ – updated January 15, 2010

Where is the chat room located and how do I sign in?

To get to the chat room, click the chat room button at the top of our website. Please be sure to enter the chat room directly through our site, so you do not miss important chat announcements or other new information regarding the chatroom and our site.

  • You must sign up (it’s FREE to sign up) to view the chatroom or post messages in the chatroom.
  • You can sign into the chatroom at the bottom of the chatroom box

The purpose of the Old Navy chat room is to help each other find coupons on the Old Navy weekly site. The Old Navy Weekly site offers $75 off $100, $50 off $100, 25% off, and other high dollar coupons that you can use at Old Navy stores each week. We will WORK TOGETHER as a team. If you do not plan to work together and help others, then the chat room is not the place for you.

Once the Old Navy weekly site has updated with new coupons, please post a message in the chat room alerting all the chat room participants, so everyone can begin searching for coupons. Please post a message as soon as you notice the site has updated.

Once the site has updated and it has been announced in the chat room, please do not talk in the chat room, except for posting coupon locations. If everyone is talking, we cannot see the coupon locations when they are posted.

After the site has updated, start searching the Old Navy Weekly site for coupon locations ASAP. Once you have found a coupon location, PLEASE post the location in the chat room. If you do not plan on sharing the coupon locations with others, please do NOT join the chat room. Try to find the $75 off and $50 off coupons first, and post those locations first – those coupons are generally gone in 1 – 2 minutes OR LESS, so search quickly.

If we (Money Savin’ Momma or Engineer) find any high dollar coupons on the Old Navy Weekly site, we will do a giveaway on our site for the coupons. You can find all of our current giveaways listed here (this includes Old Navy giveaways and other giveaways we are doing).

  • Please understand that there is no guarantee that you will get a high value coupon ($75 off $100 or $50 off $100) by participating in the chat room. From experience, I can tell you that your odds of getting a high dollar coupon are greatly increased by participating in the chat room, but as with anything in life, there is no guarantee. If you obtain a high value coupon but are unable to use it or just want to share it with others, please email us at eadflmomma AT gmail DOT com and we will give it away here on our site.

How do I know when the Old Navy Weekly site will be updating soon?

A message will appear on the Old Navy weekly site stating that Old Navy is hiding coupons. You will not see any pictures to click. Once this message has appeared, the site generally updates about 5 – 20 minutes or even up to several hours after that. But the message at least means the update is getting closer. You will know the site has updated with new coupons when the message is gone and new pictures appear on the site. Once the site has updated, there will be a message in the bottom left hand corner telling you when the couponS expire. If the dates listed are for the upcoming week, then you know the site has updated. If you don’t see any dates listed, or if the dates have already passed, then the site has not updated.

When will the Old Navy Weekly site update this week?

We do not know. The time (and sometimes even day) vary each week. Generally, it is Thursday evening. But it has also been Thursday afternoon or even Friday morning. The site has also updated on Sunday in the past!

I missed the Old Navy chat. Where can I find Old Navy coupon locations?

Find Old Navy coupon locations here – read the comments on each blog post for coupon locations.

These chat room rules apply during the Old Navy chats:

  • NO BEGGING for coupons. If people are begging for coupons, one general warning will be given to all users. After the warning, moderators reserve the right to ban users who are begging for coupons immediately.
  • Please do not exchange/swap coupons or post email addresses for the purpose of exchanging/swapping coupons in the chatroom. This creates chaos in the chatroom and prevents people from seeing current coupon locations. If you are unable to use a coupon you obtained or simply want to donate an Old Navy coupon to our weekly Old Navy coupon giveaway, email eadflmomma (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Please do not sell any coupons that you obtained as a result of learning coupon locations by participating in our chat.
  • Please do not host an Old Navy coupon giveaway on your own website/blog using coupons obtained by participating in our chat, without giving credit to Engineer a Debt Free Life’s Old Navy chat room for helping you find the coupon locations.
  • Please do not offer to send someone your Old Navy coupon after you have used it, in the chatroom OR in the comments section of our blog. This is against Old Navy’s coupon policies and these comments will be removed.
  • Spam or inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated in the chat room and will cause you to be banned from the chat room.
  • The chat room is an upbeat place. Negative comments or personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Please do not post referral links or other forms of advertising in the chat room. If you want to post a link to another site, please ask Money Savin’ Momma first – you can email her at eadflmomma at gmail dot com
  • Please keep all topics “G” rated only. We have younger users that sometimes use our site (the minimum age for Swagbucks – a get paid to search site – is 13), so please keep this in mind
  • It may become necessary to limit chatting if the chat room server begins to “lag” or too many people are talking at once. A brief “chatting break” will be announced by a moderator, and anyone who continues to talk during this time may be removed from the room. The “chatting break” will help the chat server “catch up” during times of high chat activity.
  • When the Old Navy Weekly site has updated, please stop chatting immediately and only post coupon locations. Do not ask questions – post coupon locations only. Anyone chatting about other topics or asking questions may be banned, as this prevents others from seeing the coupon locations that have been posted.
  • Chat room moderators reserve the right to delete any comments or ban any users who are not following these rules. We will update the rules as needed.

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So, good luck to everyone in the Old Navy Weekly coupon hunt, and hope to see you in the chat room! Let’s have some FUN!

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  • 08.06.09 Anonymous

    Where is the chat room at?

  • 08.06.09 Money Savin' Momma

    go to http://www.engineeradebtfreelife.com/

    It is at the top of that page

  • 08.18.09 Money Savin' Momma

    To find coupon locations for August 13 and August 14, read the comments at this link

  • 08.18.09 Anonymous

    What do I do with the trumpet this week?

  • 01.10.10 Melissa Kirkham

    I just subscribed via RSS with Google Reader – love this site!