Old Navy Weekly September 3 (9/3) & September 4 (9/4) – hidden coupon locations

<p>Wow, we’re getting ready for the new Old Navy Weekly update! This week we will again help everyone find the coupon locations for September 3 & September 4 (9/3 & 9/4) on Old Navy Weekly. We will work together as a team in our Old Navy chat room and find the hidden coupons in the Old Navy update together! In the Old Navy chatroom, we can all give coupon hints / coupon tips, and find lots of new Old Navy coupon hiding places!

Based on current information, it seems like Old Navy Weekly will reset new coupons on September 3, or September 4 (9/3 or 9/4) . Like previous weeks, we will post coupon locations for Old Navy Weekly, along with coupon hints and hiding places, in the chat room AND in the comments section of this blog post.

Enter our current Old Navy coupon giveaway! We are giving away $45 off $100 coupons!

  • The $75 off $100 coupon will be not around this week. Instead, Old Navy Weekly is doing $65 off $100 and $45 off $100 coupons. This is the same as last week.
  • Item of the week is Men’s Sueded Crew for $8
  • Yes, the Old Navy Weekly coupons work in Canada too!
  • There will be probably be some strange coupon hiding places for the new Old Navy coupons (car, star, mouse, squirrel, rat, apple, trumpet, poster, etc.)!

UPDATE 6 pm Eastern Time: Text message says: Hey guys: tomorrow’s Item of the Week is the stylin’ Men’s Sueded Crew for only $8 (reg $16.50)! BTW, be sure to use the ketchup tonight at ONW.com

UPDATE 8:15 PM Eastern Time: The Old Navy Weekly site updated around 8:15 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, September 3 (9/3). The Old Navy site has the same layout as last week, but some coupon locations are different. So yes, the Old Navy site did update, but it looks the same!

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If you find a Old Navy Weekly coupon location this week, please post the location in the chat room and then later post the Old Navy coupon location in the comments section of this blog post.

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Comments {38}

{38} Comments

  • 09.03.09 The SoCal Mom

    Ok, I have emailed the coupon to the first person who responded! Thanks!

  • 09.03.09 Mamascreations

    If anyone ends ups with an extra 45 off 100 coupon today or later in the week and cant use it, I would be much obliged if you would kindly email it to me.



  • 09.03.09 Anonymous

    I don't get how all the $45 and $65 coupons can be gone the minute the site updates. If anyone has one of those coupons and wont use it, I could really use it for my kids school shopping. You could sent it to SneakyKat512@yahoo.com Thanks !!!

  • 09.03.09 nicki

    i would love one of the coupons that expire tonight!!

    Thanks to anyone that has one. My kids need school clothes bad!!

  • 09.03.09 Lauren

    If anyone gets an extra $45 or $65 not expiring tonight it would be much appreciated!! lewhite21@gmail.com

    I don't get how next weeks already seem o be gone when it JUST updated…

  • 09.03.09 Anonymous

    Any spare coupons anyone would like to share. Email is ambur2004@yahoo.com

  • 09.03.09 Stephanie

    anyone with a 45 or 65 dollars off coupon i would appreciate it. email it to stephhh43@aol.com thanks:)

  • 09.03.09 Kristin

    can someone tell me how i find the locations?? the only one i have found is the guy on the left for 20% of a mens item

  • 09.03.09 Money Savin' Momma

    $45 off $100 – click on Wesley's head (near where it says "Wesley's Winning Looks"), then the hearts pop out and you have to click the big heart for $65 coupon – catch the big heart in the middle of the screen – some people had to click the big heart / first heart repeatedly, some only clicked it once

  • 09.03.09 Money Savin' Momma

    $65 off $100 – click girl's (Eva?) necklace (one wearing black shirt / brown sweater under “normal not normal”), then click compact after compact opens

  • 09.03.09 Money Savin' Momma

    The Old Navy Weekly site updated around 8:15 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, September 3 (9/3).

    The site has the same layout as last week, but some coupon locations are different.

  • 09.03.09 Anonymous

    Any extra coupons would be much appreciated 🙂 ALl the good ones are always gone 🙁

  • 09.03.09 aimee1983

    If anyone has an extra 45 or 65 off coupon that you arent using my family could use some new clothes. I have been checking but I didnt think the site switched until around 11 or midnight.

  • 09.03.09 Money Savin' Momma

    Enter our new Old Navy Weekly coupon giveaway for $45 off $100 coupons here: Old Navy Coupon giveaway

  • 09.03.09 Anonymous

    An extra $45 or $65 off coupon would be much appreciated! Need clothes for 20 mo. old & new baby. 🙂 emmysmilesalot@yahoo.com

  • 09.04.09 Anonymous

    Hey I have a 45 but will anyone please trade me for an extra 65? krystlechong@yahoo.com

  • 09.06.09 Anonymous

    If anybody has a $45 or $65 coupon they wont be using I could really use it for my kids school shopping. Will be starting school on Tuesday and want to shop today. Please email. I really appreciate it. SneakyKat512@yahoo.com Thank you!!!

  • 09.10.09 JessBCuz

    If anyone feels compelled to do so I could use a big coupon for my 2 lil boys…they grow like weeds!!