National Consumer Panel sign up link = FREEBIES for you!

Here’s a National Consumer Panel sign up link! I am excited to share this National Consumer Panel sign up link with all of you! For those who haven’t heard, the Nielsen Homescan Freebies Panel is now called the National Consumer Panel. Even better – they are again accepting new applicants! So if you tried signing up for the Nielsen Homescan freebies but were never accepted, try again with this new National Consumer Panel sign up link! I’ve been a member of the National Consumer Panel (Nielsen Homescan) for about 6 months! It’s free to sign up and be in the program, and you get FREEBIES & PRIZES just for scanning your groceries!

You can see our FAQ about the National Consumer Panel (Nielsen Homescan) freebies program here

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{17} Comments

  • 02.25.10 Money Savin' Momma

    it says what page cannot be found?

  • 02.27.10 Margaret Smith

    I was a panelist for Shoppers Hotline for several years and cannot wait to be accepted by the National Consumer Panel. Enjoyed scanning and doing surveys to voice my opinion on products I purchase. Hope I will be accepted soon.

  • 02.27.10 Margaret Smith

    Have my fingers crossed that I will be chosen to take part in the National Consumer Panel.

  • 01.04.11 Michelle

    Says not accepting applicants in my area. (NC) . Booooo

  • 03.28.11 Rebekah

    My neighbor just received her scanner and I was recently approved, but I’m afraid to accept it now. I looked at my neighbors reward book and it takes lots of points to earn a minimum reward. Also, I’m ready terrible reviews online. Can anyone share their experience. Thanks.

  • 03.28.11 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    I am a member of this program for 1.5 years. They also send you surveys and you get points that way. If you complete the surveys you can also be accepted into special panels where you get even more points. I am in one such panel and the points add up quicker than you think. the longer you’ve been in the program, the more points you get, plus you get bonuses for scanning each week. if you try the program and don’t like it, send the scanner back free of charge. we’ve heard from other readers who’ve been in the program for years and enjoy it. good luck!

  • 04.30.12 judy Shockley

    can you give me a idea of what i do and what i will receive in return,i have been accepted—thanks any help would be greatly appreaciated