[1st 300] Free Walmart + Target Gift Cards: Online Panel!

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The Exclusive “Tell Wut” Online Research Panel is looking for more folks to join their exclusive online research panel right here. If accepted, you’ll be able to to snag Amazon, Walmart, and Target cards in exchange for sharing your opinions about popular brands, companies, products, and more. Head here before this particular one ends: TellWut Panel ***IMPORTANT be sure to check your email / confirm your email address

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Please note you will not instantly receive Amazon, Target or Walmart cards for joining; you earn free cards for sharing your opinion on popular brands you use. Win prizes and rewards by participating in surveys and sending referrals! Join TellWut for FREE. Click here

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{32} Comments

  • 07.08.17 Janice

    I cant wait to check out this site.

  • 07.09.17 Karen brunoni

    Love to try this

  • 07.13.17 Babette Thurston

    I would love to do this so I could win the gift card. My daughter and son in law are having their first baby in November, so we need lots of baby stuff! Sounds fun!

  • 07.14.17 lanette

    gotta try this

  • 07.15.17 Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds great. I will have to check this out. I am out of work right now so this would be great. Thank you for sharing

  • 07.15.17 Ruth

    Love Walmart and Target

  • 07.15.17 Alysia Smith

    Love to

  • 07.15.17 Alysia Smith

    Love to try this

  • 07.16.17 Ray Koo

    I would love this! Gl to everyone!

  • 07.21.17 Hazel

    I dont know how to entered so i can win..

  • 07.22.17 Linda Manns Linneman

    Who couldn’t use one of these great gift cards. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • 07.22.17 Edna Bartlett

    It would be greatly appreciated and desperately needed. Thanks