HURRY Free Amazon Cards 1st 800 Mobile Phone /Tablet Users

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***Update 4 pm – We just got word they are now looking ONLY for folks with iPhones or Tablets. EVERYONE ELSE, be sure to snag your 1st FREE Box of Clothes ASAP – CLICK HERE!

The 1st 800 Smart Phone / Tablet Owners can win Amazon Gift Cards, TV’s, iPads and more! Yes, RUN because we just learned that the Exclusive Mobile Xpressions Panel is looking for Smart Phone Users & Tablet Users to join their exclusive research panel ASAP right here or iPad users click here! If selected, you’ll have a chance to snag Free Amazon gift cards, iPads, TV’s and more! Everyone gets something, and we have personally heard that folks have gotten TV’s and iPads from this panel! These spots could fill up fast, so Hurry here: Mobile Xpressions (USA – Click Here) or Ipad Users Click Here

If you are in Canada, click here for iPad or here for Android phones / tablets — note the Canadian ones will ONLY WORK correctly for you if you are in Canada. If you are in USA, use the USA ones. UK users can join a similar panel – Click Here UK Users

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Please note you will not instantly receive Amazon gift cards for joining; you can win Amazon cards and other prizes for having the software on your phone for at least a week.

More info: After you have been an active member of MobileXpression for at least a week, you will receive a token to be used in the MobileXpression Instant Rewards game. Remember, being an active member means that the MobileXpression software must remain on your phone and your phone must be allowed to communicate with MobileXpression. You are guaranteed a prize from our prize pool, which includes Amazon gift cards, an Apple iPad 2, a Samsung LCD HDTV and other exciting prizes. Everyone wins a prize! Go here: Mobile XPressions – USA click here

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  • 12.05.17 Eva Beasley

    Thank u for giving me a chance to win.Hope I make it,if not whom ever wins bless them.

  • 12.06.17 Donna K

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • 12.09.17 Awww very cute

    Thank you for your support
    I Love Amazon

  • 12.09.17 Awww very cute

    I would love to win a Tablet

  • 01.12.18 Joanne Amaral martin

    Love to win gift card

  • 01.12.18 Joanne Amaral martin

    Want to win something

  • 01.12.18 Theresa bennett

    I would love to win please

  • 01.12.18 colleen Harkleroad

    Love to win one

  • 01.12.18 Robin

    Thanks coupons and freebies mom entered. Ready for a win

  • 01.12.18 Shannon Morrison

    Love to win something

  • 01.12.18 kim charlton

    I’d like to win today..It’s my! Thank you!

  • 01.12.18 Lori Nelson

    I want to win anything

  • 01.12.18 Sheila

    Win win

  • 01.12.18 Jeanette

    Yes please ,thank you

  • 01.12.18 Diana Farrar

    Can i win thanks

  • 01.12.18 Angela Mason

    Every time I click on the link it does not go anywhere. Then I tried the link on this page on my mobile and it did not work either. Whats wrong??

  • 01.12.18 Jaime Prideaux

    Angela, as of 4 pm today, they have filled up except for iPhones or tablet. So unless you have one of those, you won’t be able to join. Be sure to snag your 1st Free Box of Clothes instead – CLICK HERE

  • 01.12.18 Robin

    Win plz

  • 01.12.18 Randa Inscho

    love it

  • 01.12.18 Frances

    Glad you gave me a chance to win!Thank you