Get your FREE annual credit report, no strings attached…

Okay, I have seen a million things to get your “free” credit report, but most of them are gimmicks for some monitoring service that you can’t easily get out of.

Here is where wifey and I get our free credit reports every year. It is a government initiated deal to allow everyone free access to all 3 reports (Experian, Transunion, Equifax). There are no strings attached, nothing to sign up for and cancel. All you need is your info.

I print ours off and keep them for reference. The site will take you to one place, then the other, then the other. You have to confirm your identity by selecting some items that are from your credit report, like who your mortgage is through, but that’s all the more complicated it is.

This does not give you your credit “scores”, they still make you buy those if you want them, but you at least get to see all the stuff on your 3 reports to check for accuracy and dispute anything that is incorrect. Check it very closely, we have had inaccuracies on ours.


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