We are officially going to do it…

As some of you may recall I blogged about the living on a single income idea a couple weeks ago in a previous post (here). Thank you to all who commented, your words of encouragement helped us dearly.

Yup, momma made up her mind and turned in her notice this last week. She has yet to set her final date, but within the next couple weeks we will be doing “life on a single income”.

This is still scary to me heading into a single income still sitting at over 110k in debt, but somehow we will make it work. I am a numbers geek and did the math 100 different ways, made spreadsheets showing every month on our checking account all the way out till 2011 to see how we would fare monthly even with all the annual expenses like car tags and such. I gotta tell ya, it’s proof that momma is basically working for nothing. It really made no difference to the bottom line on our finances to cut out her income from the books, because with it took out the daycare, the vehicular costs in commuting, extraneous expenses of working and travelling in her job and most especially the extra income taxes and expensive doctors bills since he gets sick every week from being in daycare.

We are pretty psyched at this point, momma can’t wait to start getting the kiddo into ‘her’ routine and start doing the child raising her way. Its not to say that this is not going to be challenging, but it’s worth it.

Thank you again for all your support.

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