Won $10 yesterday on iRazoo (sites like Swagbucks)

With everyone crazy over the new swagcode (swag code) stuff, we at Engineer a Debt Free Life blog thought this might be a good time to talk about one of the other websites like Swagbucks we recently posted about and give you an update on it…

The website is called iRazoo

Here’s a quick summary:

You earn points for your searches that you can convert into prizes, such as Amazon gift certificates or Amazon gift cards. There are also prizes like Nintendo Wii, iPods, and digital cameras. One of the cool things about iRazoo is it allows you to rate sites. You also get points for rating sites in the search results. Another cool thing is that you can also win Amazon gift certificates just for searching at iRazoo. (This is in addition to the points you accumulate toward prizes…. for example, you can randomly win a $5 Amazon gift card just for doing one search.)

And I mentioned I wanted to update you on iRazoo… I’ve been using it for awhile now and love it. In fact, yesterday I won $10 in Amazon gift cards on the site, so I can vouch that it is definitely legitimate. I’ve also requested another $5 Amazon gift card. What is cool about iRazoo is when people you refer to the site win through searching, you get the prize too! So definitely share iRazoo with your friends and family!

Visit iRazoo

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{2} Comments

  • 09.15.10 Kathy

    Do you know anything about the Consumer Say ? I was given the link on Lightspeed. My concern is they ask you to register credit cards, accounts like phone, water etc. They pay 20 for registering but I am leary of giving them access to all of my accounts. can you help?

  • 09.15.10 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    I believe ConsumerSay is legit, but it is not an offer I would personally do for $20, not worth it to me.