New Swiffer wetjet – coupons, $10 rebate, & money back guarantee

Swiffer Wetjet KitDid you know there is a new Swiffer wetjet? I didn’t know it, but MyBlogSpark & Swiffer sent us the new Swiffer wetjet to try out, along with a product CD & information kit! And, even if the Swiffer wetjet is sometimes out of your budget, this is also a great time to buy Swiffer products because Swiffer is offering a $10 or $5 rebate through 9/15/09, in the form of a $10 or $5 rewards card. You can get more info on these Swiffer rebates here. (Thanks Carrie!)

You can also get some Swiffer coupons for various products (including $7 off Swiffer Wetjet) here: Swiffer coupons

Also, if you buy a Swiffer product and are not completely satisfied, you can take advantage of Swiffer’s full money back guarantee. Read more about the Swiffer full money back guarantee. We did buy another Swiffer product in the past that we were simply not satisfied with, so we did take advantage of the money back guarantee, so I can verify that this money back guarantee is truly legitimate.

Swiffer Wetjet Removable Scrubbing padI must say I love the new Swiffer wetjet! One of my favorite features is that the little white scrubber pad on the top is BIGGER and removable. Also, the dual nozzles that spray the cleaning fluid are also an improvement. It seems like the product sprays farther than before, so one spray covers a larger area than it used to. As usual, I love the fresh clean smell of the Swiffer cleaning fluid. You can find out more about the new Swiffer wetjet here.

Also, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to refill your Swiffer wetjet and save money on the refill fluid, check out our post here: How to Hack a Swiffer Wetjet

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  • 07.10.13 Lois J. McNiece

    Would like to know where I can get the top scrubber. It was not in the starter kit. I’ve looked in the store, but cannot seem to find them.