Frugal storage solutions

Frugal storage solutions: With the holiday season officially here, I’m sure we will all be accumulating more “stuff” (especially clothes and toys!) again this year. And the real challenge is how to organize it all after the holidays are over, without spending a ton of money. One of our readers, MaryAnne, recently sent us her ideas on how to be frugal while organizing! Here are some of her great ideas for you:

Hi! I’m MaryAnne, the crafting-addicted mother of three from mama smiles! I spend my days creating fun with my three young children (nearly 4, nearly 2, and 3 months old). My blog is a mix of crafting, activities for young children, sewing, parenting, and frugal living, and I’d love for you to drop by and say hi!

I appreciate a well-organized home, but most commercial storage options are expensive. Here are a couple of low-to-no-cost solutions I’ve come up with that use items most people already have in their homes:

  • Shoe boxes to create compartments in drawers. This works especially well for children’s small clothing, as well as socks and underwear. Since they are hidden away in drawers, it doesn’t really matter what the boxes look like. Of course, you can decorate them if you want – it’s a good way to keep the kids busy on a rainy day.
  • Frugal storage solutionsTake and toss food containers to store toys and other small items. The food-grade plastic makes it especially safe for storing children’s toys, and the clear sides make it easy to see what is inside. The lids fit snugly, and they usually stack nicely if you pick one brand and stick with it.

Use and toss toy storage

Other tips:

  • Go through belongings frequently and donate things you don’t need.
  • Look past marketing labels. In my experience, prices jump as soon as something is labeled as craft or toy storage. I use a computer hutch as my sewing machine cabinet, and shoe racks as toy bin shelves.
  • Cardboard boxes make great storage bins for items that don’t need a secure lid. You can even cover them to make them look pretty.

What are your favorite frugal storage solutions?

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{4} Comments

  • 12.09.09 July Luis

    Thanks Maryanne… great post..


  • 12.16.09 lynn

    Great ideas. With the holidays fast approaching, I spend lots of time wondering where Im going to put all this stuff. I cringe every time someone gives one of my 3 kids a toy or game that has lots and lots of little pieces (Polly Pocket and Legos come to mind). I generally tried to keep them sorted in plastic baggies but the pieces usually poke a hole and it becomes a nightmare looking for all those pieces in the bottom of the toybox. Using old takeout containers that stack nicely is a great idea. Thanks so much for helping turn my lightbulb on!!!

    Thanks and Regards
    Lynn from Nice Jewish Boy Moving
    Full Service Moving

  • 02.05.10 CC

    Cardboard boxes..I got soo many this holiday season that I stacked them all inside the biggest one and let my toddler use it (closed) as a play table. It was fortunate for her that it was just the right size for her to use. What’s great about keeping old cardboard boxes is, when we finally move out, we won’t have to look for any!! YAY!!

  • 03.24.10 Heather

    I have found some decent “soft storage” at Christmas Tree Shops here in CT. I picked up a few big containers that have a canvas like fabric on them and they hold a ton of stuff and look neat with clean lines. Best of all-$2.99 each!!!! I am going to pick up a few more to store gift bags & wrapping supplies as well as craft supplies that need some help in the organization department. It really was a steal!