Are you born frugal or do you become that way?

Are you born frugal OR do you become that way? Is frugal something you “become”, or are some people just born that way? Me (Money Savin’ Momma) – I was BORN a tightwad. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is almost PAINFUL for me to spend money. Seriously! I grew up on a farm in rural Kansas, and as you may know, farmers don’t exactly roll in the dough… My parents are HUGE bargain shoppers, even to this day. And I inherited this trait from them! The thrill of finding a hot deal is like an adrenaline rush for me. That’s why I LOVE sharing deals and freebies with you all here on our site! Saving money seems to come naturally to me, regardless of the fact I was also raised that way.

Shortly after my husband and I got married, I was in for a huge shock. I had married….. *GASP*…. a spender! For the first few years of our marriage, it was truly painful for me to watch my husband spend money and not save it! So, fast forward several years to when our first son was born. My husband discovered Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and started this website (CAFM) as a way to help us stay on track and save money. And we’ve never looked back since. I smile now when I see my husband printing coupons and telling me he saved 56% on our grocery bill by shopping the sales and using coupons. Ten years ago, I would have never believed he would be using coupons because they were “too much work”! In his case, he BECAME frugal after becoming a father, and I’m grateful he did. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ask the readers: So what about all of you? Were you BORN frugal? Were you raised that way? Did you BECOME frugal? We’d love to hear how you got started on the road to frugality and saving money!

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{12} Comments

  • 02.21.10 Wendi P

    I never used coupons (except Gymboree and Naartjie clothing Q’s for my girls) prior to this crappy economy. My husband is a general contractor and business is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. So for the past year and a half I couponed by necessity. I do know that when the economy recovers, I will continue to coupon because it is FUN to save money!!!

  • 02.21.10 Jan

    I never used coupons growing up and when I got married I would clip an occasional coupon and be happy to save a couple of dollars..
    I also started using coupons when the economy here in Michigan went south. I love saving money and my husband has now gotten into looking for bargains and coupons too. There is a commercial on tv right now about shopping at Walmart. It says something like if this family would have shopped at Walmart they would have only spent $55 instead of $100. My husband said to the tv, “oh, my wife would have made money on the shopping trip.” How funny is that…I love saving/making money from buying and will never go back to my old ways! Thanks for your website too!!

  • 02.21.10 Money Savin' Momma

    Lol – how awesome! I think a lot of people have now become frugal and do plan to stay that way!

  • 02.21.10 Early Retirement Extreme

    The answer is similar to whether intelligence is cultural or hereditary. It’s some of both. I have been frugal all my life. My parents have actually encouraged me to spend me.

  • 02.21.10 Early Retirement Extreme

    That would be “spend more”.

  • 02.21.10 Julie

    Both of my parents are CPA’s so good money management is in my blood. To that point, I was taught to save in some areas so that you could enjoy other areas of life. I’ve become much more frugal throughout the years though, some due to the economy, but mostly because I’m a saver and have issues parting with my money.

  • 02.21.10 Susan M

    I was raised frugal — Mom clipped coupons as long as I could remember. When I was old enough, she actually PAID me to clip the coupons, organize them, and go to the store with her based on what she saved. I got 1/3 to 1/2 of whatever she saved in coupons!

  • 02.22.10 Rachel V

    I was not raised frugal. I was raised in a household where we didn’t have a lot of extra money though. But, my parents were not a good example on saving money at all. Same with my husbands parents. For him, money has never been an object and it was meant to be spent faster than it came in.

    For us, we got into lots of money trouble. Finally, we are on the right track. I look for every way to save money, make extra money, and ways to teach my children about being frugal. My little ones already know that if they want something, they ask if there are any coupons I could find ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 02.23.10 maryanne

    I was born frugal, too. My husband is also fairly frugal, and it’s made reaching financial goals much easier! There are benefits to being raised in homes where money is scarce =)

  • 02.24.10 Anna

    Now that I think back, I think I was raised in a frugal family so I think frugality has became a norm to me. Spending money on myself is a painful feeling but I dont mind spending money on my parents. However, frugality doesn’t run in the whole family. My sister turns out to be a big spender.
    I always joke with my fiancee about “couponing” is like “leveling” in some online games where the more you know about couponing, the more you save; therefore, I truely enjoy learning from your website. Thanks ^^

  • 03.04.10 Heather

    I was raised raised frugally, but so that money could be spent frivolously on non-essentials. The essentials suffered… so I went buck wild when I was old enough to get a credit card doing the same thing. I kept trying to break the cycle, but it finally came to a hault when I discovered Dave Ramsey. He has truly changed our lives, what a great feeling!!! My husband was a saver but my spending influenced him… arrgh! It kills me to think that I did that. But we are on a good path, so far paying cash for grad school and living on 1 income with 2 little ones at home. Thank you for your website, it has really helped me to stay on track & I loved your consideration for staying home with the kiddos, we were going through the same thing shortly after you made your decision.

  • 02.11.11 Small Footprints

    I think I was born frugal … I’ve never liked parting with my money. But it goes further … I really like getting free stuff or a great deal. It’s like making my money go as far as it can and in this economy, that’s something. Today, I got a free dinner for 4 at Earth Fare. Wow! Free Food! I was in heaven!