Ask the Readers: How long have you been using Swagbucks?

Ask the Readers: How long have you been using Swagbucks? This is just a “for fun” question! I know LOTS of our readers love Swagbucks, so I thought it would be fun to see how long  you all have been using Swagbucks! For those of you who haven’t heard of Swagbucks, it’s a site that pays you to search online! You get 30 bucks free just to sign up!

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So here we go… how long have you been using Swagbucks? Your best guess is fine! I have been using Swagbucks (and getting paid!) since 2008! 🙂

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{12} Comments

  • 05.20.10 Johanna

    I’ve been using Swagbucks since October 2009

  • 05.20.10 Michelle

    since 2/2010. 🙂 it’s never too late to start!

  • 05.20.10 Holly

    Since September 2009 and I’ve gotten 16 Amazon giftcards and am only 40 away from another!

  • 05.20.10 Juliana

    2008 for me!

  • 05.20.10 Charlotte

    Oct 20, 2009…20 $5 dollar amazon ecards +4 pending. donated a bunch of sb’ a sb tshirt & threw a few away on swagstakes

  • 05.20.10 Dreama

    I started using SwagBucks about 2 weeks ago.

  • 05.20.10 Donna G

    About 3 months. I have enough for $35 in Amazon gift cards. I just sent for my first 2 today!

  • 05.20.10 Mary

    I’ve been doing SwagBucks since March 30, 2008 (just found my welcome email), I’ve cashed out 22 times; which translates to $110 in Amazon GC’s. To me it’s gotten easier to win SW since they changed over to the new system and because of CAFM and your FB page – thanks for all the heads up on codes!!

    Speaking of codes – check your toolbar for 8!

    From now on to December I’ll be saving up my SW to use towards Christmas. What do you do with yours?

  • 05.20.10 Lizzy D

    My husband and I have been using Swagbucks since mid-January – we found out about them through you 🙂

    We have already gotten $85 in amazon cards, with $5 currently pending. Thanks to this great site for all the help with the codes. Would do a lot better if I could actually get my friends and family to sign up too.

  • 05.21.10 Barbara

    I discovered swagbucks in Feb 2009, right before their first birthday, & started earning bucks on a daily basis. But it went another half yr or so, till I really got to understanding everything about it & I think that’s when I also found your site & since then I’ve been getting alot more of the codes. I have managed to also get some of family & friends to sign up.

  • 05.21.10 MARY T

    I joined swagbucks in September 2009. Since then I have earned 14 $5 Amazon gift cards, and I have no referrals. I had read your posts about it for quite some time, but thinking that it was too good to be true. Finally, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. I don’t sign up for survey companies or search and win sites unless you recommend them.

  • 05.31.10 Susan M

    Discovered it this winter either from you or another blogger – I think I’ve earned about $40 in Amazon GC’s so far!