New daily deal site: $100 gift card for $50, Wii $100, iPod touch $80 + MORE!

New daily deal site: $100 gift card for $50, Wii for $100, iPod touch $80 + MORE! I recently learned about a new daily deal site called Overwhelming Offers! They have new daily deals at 1 pm Eastern time each weekday! Some of the deals they have featured include: $100 gift cards for $50 (examples: Home Depot, Sears, Dell, Crate & Barrel, Walmart $40 off a $50 purchase), Nintendo Wii’s for $100, iPod touch for $80 and MORE! To get a chance at the deals, you need to be signed up BEFORE the deals start each day, so even though today’s deal has ended, you need to sign up NOW so you don’t miss tomorrow’s deal! It’s FREE to sign up!

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{3} Comments

  • 12.08.10 Tosha

    Do you have to have a mastercard to sign up?

  • 12.09.10 Carol Cornell

    New to your website, I love it so far.

  • 12.09.10 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    For some of the offers it appears you need a Mastercard, but for some of the special coupons and cashback, it appears you do not.