First 2000 folks! EXCLUSIVE Invitation-Only Designer Shopping Panel! Win FREE Prizes + more!


UPDATE 4/4/13: Lots of folks are getting in, YAY! If you missed it earlier, give it a try now! ***First 2000 folks who qualify can join the EXCLUSIVE Invitation-Only Designer Shopping Panel, LuxeTalk! WOOHOO! We got an email letting us know that the Exclusive Invitation-Only Designer Shopping Panel, LuxeTalk, is looking for about 2000 more folks to join through this link! You’ll have a chance to win FREE prizes and more! It’s free to join! ***Please note, not everyone will qualify, as they are looking for folks who have made a purchase of $100 or more on a single beauty product; $350 or more for a single pair of sandals/ boots/ shoes; or $550 on a single handbag at SOME POINT in their lives (doesn’t have to be recent, could be like 10 years ago, etc…)! I just got accepted and can’t wait to learn more! HURRY, Go here before this ends: Designer Shopping Panel (***then click the “SIGN UP TODAY” link and check your email!)

MORE INFO: Luxe Talk Now is an exclusive, invitation-only forum where Fashionistas share thoughts and ideas on premium designer products – such as handbags, shoes, beauty products, apparel, and more. They’re looking for people age 18-65 who are likely to shop for premium designer products (clothing, shoes, handbags, beauty products, etc.). Specifically, you must have spent a certain amount for one of the product types listed below.

Handbag: $550 or more
Shoes/Sandals/Boots: $350 or more
Beauty product (makeup, fragrance, etc.): $100 or more

NOTE: You don’t need to have spent that amount for all three product types, just for one. And, there is no time frame – it could have been 3 months ago, or 10 years ago. Sign up here for free: Designer Shopping Panel

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