Easy Homemade Mason Jar Candles: DIY Scented Candles

Easy Homemade Mason Jar Candles: DIY Scented Candles



Easy Homemade Mason Jar Candles: DIY Scented Candles

I love making gifts for friends and family and one of my favorite things to make are Homemade Mason Jar Candles. Not only are they inexpensive but you can easily create any scent, and they just look simple and beautiful. I like to make mine from soy wax as it burns so clean and evenly. If you are just beginning to dabble in homemade gifts using essential oils, this is a great starter set- it has a good variety that can be used as a stand alone or mixed to create all sorts of scents and used in a variety of ways. You can decorate your candle anyway you like. I prefer to keep it simple and added a bit of bakers twine for color, and an alpha charm with an initial.  I plan on giving these as hostess gifts this season, and also as teacher gifts.

This article is part of our 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts series, featuring 12 Inexpensive and Simple Homemade Holiday Presents that you can make at home!


Easy Homemade Mason Jar Candles Ingredients:

For every pint jar you will need-

1 lb Soy wax flakes

10- 15 drops essential oils


pint mason jar

mason jar ring (discard the lid unless you want to use it to package it up for a gift)

stick of some sort to prop up wick- craft or lollipop  stick, pencil, etc


twine, string, or ribbon


mason jar candle ingredients


Directions for Easy Homemade Mason Jar Candles:

Place your wax flakes in a  large microwave safe dish ( I probably should have went up a size here but when it melts it takes up less than half the bowl) and melt 30-45 seconds increments, stirring each time until fully melted.

mason jar candle wax melt


Gently stir in essential oil and any coloring if you are using it. Quickly dip the end of your wick (the metal circle) in hot melted wax and drop it down into your mason jar, centering it, then wrap the excess around a stick or pencil-this will hold it in place while you pour in the wax.

mason jar candle wick


Carefully pour hot wax into jar, clean up excess on the sides and rim if needed. Allow wax to harden undisturbed until solid. I leave mine for overnight.

mason jar candle fill

Trim excess wick from top, leave about 1″ – 1 1/2″.  Replace ring to give it a more finished off look.  Wrap twine around jar and add a decorative charm or other embellishment to dress it up a bit.

That’s it! That’s how simple it is to make these Easy Homemade Mason Jar Candles! These are wonderful for handmade gifts, and easy on your wallet too!

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  • 11.15.14 Mary P.

    I had no idea you could make jar candles with essential oils! My goodness. I just told my husband about this and he said we are so doing it! Thanks for sharing this easy way to make a candle! So excited to give it a try 🙂