$1 Kitchen & Home Items!

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Huge sales right now! Up to 70% off Designer Kitchen & Home Items today! That means you can snag adorable stuff for as low as $1 – 2! There are lots of cute items right now, but hurry because the best deals could sell out fast! Go here for the deals: Wayfair

Comments {19}

{19} Comments

  • 03.10.17 Debra Holloway

    These are some mind blowing savings. I will have to check them out.

  • 03.10.17 Veronica Lee

    So many cute items to snag!!! Thanks!

  • 03.11.17 Paulette S.

    I looked over the Wayfair pages and I couldn’t find anything below $15. What am I missing?

  • 03.11.17 Jaime Prideaux

    Paulette S – You want to look in “Clearance” and “Sale” sections and then sort by price “low to high”. You can sort by categories, but I sorted everything all at once, by price low to high in the discounted areas. 🙂

  • 03.15.17 April Monty

    Wow I’m going to wander over and see what I can find.

  • 03.16.17 Kristi

    I get Wayfair emails but hadn’t checked this out yet, thanks for the reminder!

  • 03.16.17 Tamra Gibson

    I live wayfair. I just discovered them recently and their items are great

  • 03.18.17 Sarah L

    Will check this out. Thanks for the info.

  • 03.18.17 Robyn Cobb

    i’d love to have the money to shop at Wayfair

  • 03.18.17 Christy Peeples DuBois

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this. Way fair has some really neat things.

  • 03.19.17 Chantell Manninen

    I really don’t want to buy anything right now.I’m looking for Freebies, giveaways or sweepstakes for a while.

  • 03.22.17 neerja

    Great price

  • 03.22.17 Sherry Compton

    Wow! I had no clue they did these type of amazing deals. There’s always something you can find. 🙂 Thanks.

  • 03.22.17 Zoey

    Wow, what good deals!

  • 03.23.17 Bari T.

    I love Wayfair and have several pieces in my home. They have great deals and quality items.

  • 03.25.17 Lori Bosworth

    Wow, amazing savings on kitchen gadgets!

  • 03.25.17 Francine Anchondo

    Great savings. I love wayfair.

  • 03.25.17 Tracey Concannon

    I’ve never been to that website, the deals sound amazing and I think I’ll swing by there to check it out!

  • 03.26.17 mary

    Just found you! What a great find! Thanks for sharing.