Earn Gifts and Prizes!

We found a new opportunity for people interested in taking surveys online for actual prizes! Many companies want to know what you think and they’re willing to pay you or reward you with gifts for your opinion! Check out Digital Pulse, here’s some information:

You can earn gifts and prizes just by answering surveys online. Members receive points for each survey they complete and are redeemed for hundreds of different gifts in an online shop, including electronics, cosmetics, movie tickets and more. Remember, it’s INVITE ONLY! So you complete the form to apply, and if accepted you’ll receive a confirmation email and a first survey. When you complete the first survey, you will earn your first points to jump-start your earnings.

Click Here to request an exclusive invitation. See if you qualify today. Hurry!


Comments {12}

{12} Comments

  • 02.03.17 Robin

    Robin Sellers wants to thank freebie mom!! Love your site!! Never won but enjoy entering!!

  • 02.03.17 AnneAyer Louise Staton

    Thank you

  • 02.09.17 Deb K

    I clicked the link and qualified for digital pulse. Before I go any further any confirm membership etc I want to know is this available in the US? The form was in Spanish & I saw no option to switch it English. Thanks alot☺

  • 02.16.17 Lucille Weedo

    Hope i get picked never won before bur now this seems a little easier to answer questions gain your own wins and pick out your own prizes

  • 04.19.17 Leslie

    Canada too??

  • 04.21.17 Elleena Cantrell

    Thank you so much

  • 04.21.17 sandra

    I like that one of the “prizes” is movie tickets

  • 04.22.17 roselle -mendoza

    thanks a lot

  • 04.23.17 Doctress Julia

    I wish I would win something… I could use a good omen in my disaster of a life.

  • 04.23.17 Stephanie

    I have been entering but not sure if I’m doing it right .

  • 04.23.17 Karla Tull

    Thank you

  • 05.05.17 REBECCA HIGDEN

    Love the great giveaways!