4M Magnet Science Kit Deal On Amazon!

I love doing projects at home with my kids that will be fun and they will be able to learn something! This is a fun it to grab.

4M Magnet Science Kit ($32.99) $11.15

  • The Magnet Science Kit teaches young scientists about the effects of magnetism through a combination of fun science experiments and games.
  • The kit contains materials to make interactive magnetic objects like the Super Power Horseshoe Magnet and the Magnet Wand.
  • Construct Super Magnet Racer, a Yacht Compass, or a Mysterious Dangler.
  • Activities like the Fishing Game provide hours of fun and provide hands-on learning about the effects of magnetism.
  • Recommended for ages 8 years and up.
  • Challenge your child’s imagination with 4M toys and kits.
  • 4M educational toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more.


Prices change all the time, so be sure to check your prices before purchasing

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  • 01.12.19 Terry Poage

    My Grandson always loved playing with magnets.

  • 01.12.19 Alicia S Hewitt

    This is really neat. A fun, educational toy.