An easy way to get free gift cards online

Get free gift cards online! Lots of our readers are already using Swagbucks and iRazoo to get free gift cards online, and MyPoints is another great source for all kinds of free gift cards, including free Amazon gift cards, and FREE department store & restaurant gift cards! With MyPoints, you get free gift cards for doing easy stuff like taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, shopping, & searching online! I’ve been a member of Mypoints for 10 years and have earned hundreds of dollars of free gift cards! It’s totally free to sign up and use Mypoints!

amazon gift cardI have also been earning money online for over 10 years by taking paid surveys. See the list of survey sites I like.

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3 easy ways to make money at home online

How about 3 easy ways to make money at home online? We get a lot of questions from readers about how to make money at home. Here are 3 quick and easy ways we personally make money at home online that YOU can do too. You will not get rich, but by the time Christmas rolls around, you should be able to get most (if not all) of your Christmas presents with the extra money you’ve earned! Enjoy! 🙂

Make money online

  1. Get $5 FREE via Paypal
  2. Get paid for the online searches you already do + get 3 free bucks
  3. Earn money at home taking paid surveys

Be sure to subscribe to our free daily updates so you don’t miss any freebies & deals!

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$85 paid survey – please read!

We posted yesterday about an $85 paid online study through USA Talk Now and I wanted to address some questions about the study.

1) I did not see your blog post about the $85 paid study until now. Is it too late to sign up / how do I sign up? No – sometimes studies are postponed or participants are recruited at a later date than originally planned. I would advise you sign up ASAP! You can sign up for USA Talk Now here

2) Where do I find the invitation to the study? If you are selected, you will receive an email about the study. Check your BULK or JUNK mail folders too!

3) I signed up but didn’t receive an invitation yet. What did I do wrong? Nothing! Not everyone gets invited to all studies. Sometimes participants are chosen based on their demographics, and sometimes participants are randomly chosen. The fact that you are registered now will ensure you are in the database when future participants are chosen.

USA Talk Now offers occasional high dollar surveys / online studies / focus groups, so make sure you sign up now so you can be considered for future high dollar studies!

Sign up for USA Talk Now here

USA Talk Now

Have more questions about paid surveys? Read our PAID SURVEY FAQ

I’ve been taking paid surveys online for over 10 years. See my big list of legitimate paid survey sites.

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Get PAID to be in an exclusive online community!

Get paid to be in an exclusive online community: I just got an email about an exclusive paid online community from Survey Savvy. This online community is hosted by a fast food restaurant, and they will pay you to be a part of it! I was accepted, and I’m sooooo excited because this is one of my family’s favorite restaurants! My 2 year old loves it!!! (Sorry, I can’t give the restaurant name due to privacy reasons.) So check your survey email account!!! The invitation from Survey Savvy is titled “A Unique Opportunity from (L2232).”

If you haven’t signed up for Survey Savvy yet, sign up ASAP and then check your email in the next few days for this opportunity. If you are already a member of SurveySavvy, look for “unique opportunity L2232″. You can sign up for Survey Savvy here.

Survey Savvy
I have received invitations like this from Survey Savvy (and other paid survey sites) before and have personally been accepted into some of these exclusive communities. Here’s a brief overview of how it works: You log into the exclusive community website a couple times a month (or sometimes each week) and post your opinions on specific questions or take brief surveys. Then the exclusive community pays you directly each month, either by check / paypal, or via free gift cards (usually Amazon gift cards).

You can easily make an extra $10 – $50 a month if you are accepted into some of these exclusive communities on paid survey sites. The topics of these communities are varied, and are often about things like household products, automobiles, or technology products.

—>If you’re new to paid surveys, another great site is Surveyhead. You get $5 free just for signing up!

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Free restaurant gift cards & free Old Navy gift cards from MyPoints

Get free restaurant and department store (including Old Navy!!!) gift cards! If you haven’t joined MyPoints yet, you are missing out on FREE department store & restaurant gift cards! With MyPoints, you get free gift cards for doing easy stuff like taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, shopping, & searching online!

I have personally been a member of MyPoints since 2000 and have earned LOTS of free gift cards from this site.… hundreds and hundreds of dollars of free gift cards! With MyPoints, you get free gift cards for doing easy stuff like taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, shopping, & searching online!

How does MyPoints work? It’s really very simple! You earn points for doing stuff like reading emails, shopping, searching online, playing games, and taking surveys. You then cash in your points for gift certificates. They have gift certificates for almost 100 great stores and restaurants – everything from Starbucks, Old Navy, Walmart, Target, Chili’s (my favorite gift card redemption!), Amazon, GAP, CVS, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Walgreens…. you name it!

If you haven’t joined MyPoints yet,join today and start getting your own FREE gift cards!

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Which survey sites are legitimate?

Which survey sites are legitimate? This is a question I hear a lot, and used to wonder myself! We get more questions from readers about paid survey sites / which survey sites are legitimate, than about any other topic, so I wanted to take a few minutes to answer a reader question we recently received.

Reader question from Malena: I keep reading about online surveys, but I’m really scared of them. I don’t want to get taken for a ride – I’m afraid of having my identity stolen. How do I know which ones are reputable? Do I have to provide my social security number? We’re really financially strapped right now, since my husband took a 50% pay cut almost two years ago, I just had a 3% pay cut and it soon goes to 4%, my daughter started college this year (with no scholarships, and we’re too wealthy for grants, apparently!). I’m looking for part time work to supplement, but no luck yet. I’m open to any ideas.

Thank you for sharing every day. Debt is driving us crazy, but we’re in a cycle now, because of the income issues. I appreciate all of your help that you offer for free every day!!

make money online

The questions and concerns Malena expresses are something all of us are concerned about. I have been personally taking online surveys from paid survey sites since 2000, so I want to share my knowledge with all of you. I have developed a list of paid survey sites that I personally use and/or have been paid by. I only include reputable companies that I have personally dealt with. There are a few sites that may require your Social Security Number. Why? If you make $600 or more in a year from a particular survey site, you will have to pay taxes on your earnings. I am not a tax professional, so please consult an accountant or tax professional for more details. For the sites on our paid survey list, if the companies have requested my social security number, yes, I have provided it. And I have had no problems with any of the companies on our list. MOST of the companies do not ask for this information unless you earn $600 a year from them, and then if they ask you for it, by law, you must give it to them so they can send you appropriate tax forms.

How much money will you make doing paid surveys online? This varies greatly depending on how much time you are willing to put into it. However, if you sign up for all the companies on our paid survey list, (it’s free to sign up and use all the companies on our list) I estimate that just starting out, you can earn $50 – $100 extra each month, and more than that if you are willing to devote more than a few hours a week to taking surveys. The more companies you sign up for, the more money you will make. Also, the longer you take paid surveys, the more paid survey opportunities you can get.

Many people are skeptical about paid survey sites and think all sites are scams. I can personally tell you this is not true. I have made lots of money since 2000 from doing paid surveys online. Check out our proof of payment checks for the survey companies in our list. Taking paid surveys is not a way to get rich quickly. But the paid survey sites have helped us have a nice “padding” of extra income each month, and help me to be able to stay home and raise our children, which is priceless.

So with the new year here, let 2010 be the year YOU start earning some extra money from the legitimate paid surveys out there! At the end of the year, you will have a nice little sum to help you buy presents or pay off bills! Check out our BIG LIST OF PAID SURVEY SITES

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An easy way to make more money online in 2010

Now that 2010 is here, I want to mention an EASY way to make more money online! Update your online survey profiles! It takes just a few minutes to do, and it could mean a TON of more paid online surveys for you. Have you had any household changes in the last year? Has your family income changed? Family size (this is the case for us, with one more kiddo!)? Occupation? Address? New technology purchases? You get the idea… so log into your paid survey accounts NOW and update your profiles. You could be missing out on some high paying surveys that you would otherwise qualify for! If you can’t remember all the survey companies you have signed up for, check out my big list of paid survey companies!

make money online

Are you new to the world of paid surveys? Do you believe you can’t really make money from paid surveys? Well, you can! I personally belong to over 15 survey companies that pay me to take surveys, and you can get paid to take their surveys too! Check out the big list of paid surveys companies I use / have been paid by.

  • If you want to get started taking surveys online and want to try just one company, sign up for Surveyhead – you get a free $5 sign up bonus too!
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Hits4Pay: get paid to read email + proof of payment

Hits4Pay: get paid to read email + proof of payment – I haven’t mentioned Hits4Pay recently, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this site that pays you to read emails. Yes, it really is as simple as that. I’ve been getting paid to read email now for about 1.5 years. Now, you will not get rich reading emails, but it will add up over time. You get $10 FREE just for signing up with Hits4Pay.

I recommend you sign up now for Hits4Pay and then by the holiday season next year, you can use the free money you’ve earned on Hits4Pay towards Christmas or other gifts! It’s totally free to sign up and use this site – plus you get $10 just for signing up, and you get paid to read emails!

make money online

Here is proof of payment for Hits4Pay (copied from my Paypal email receipt):

Multiple Stream Marketing just sent you money with PayPal.

Payment details
Amount: $40.22 USD
Transaction Date: Dec 15, 2009
Transaction ID: [removed for privacy reasons]
Message: Happy Holiday from Multiple Stream Media

I also earn money online (since 2000) by doing paid surveys, and YOU CAN TOO! See the big list of legitimate paid survey companies I use!

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5 Ways to Make Money While Being Green

We LOVE to help you all make extra money online. So we were excited when one of our readers, Kendal, recently shared some great ideas about how to make money while staying “green” at the same time!

Kendal says, I’m all about three things: Saving money, clearing out clutter and being green. Although I’m new to guest blogging, I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips that help me with the readers of CAFM (and in the meantime hopefully buy Money Savin’ Momma some sleep time!)

make money online

5 Simple Ways to Make Money While Being Green at the Same Time

We all know we should “be green,’ but what keeps us from it? Do you just hate carting piles of boxes off to the recycle center? Can’t stand bins full of empty drink cans sitting in your garage? Do you always forget your re-usable grocery tote? Well, that’s okay. Those things are great ways to save the earth, but don’t go far in personal advantages (and some of us need an extra incentive to do things we don’t really enjoy.)

What if you could recycle and actually make a little money?

1. Wal-Mart now has an on-line “Buy Back” program that buys back electronics, cell phones, games, movies and more. Go to Walmart Gazelle and type in your item. Answer a few questions related to its current condition. If you have original cords, boxes, manuals, etc – then enter those as well. Wal-Mart will instantly make you an offer. They even pay the shipping charges. In return, you get a Wal-Mart Prepaid Visa Check good online or at any Wal-Mart Store. If your items don’t pass inspection once they arrive at the Wal-Mart center, they will return them to you or recycle them for free. Goals accomplished: Cleared out the piles of old games, broken cell phones and last decade’s camera; made a little cash; and saved the landfill a little space.

2. Cash4Books – Similar to the Wal-Mart program but just for books. Use their search engine to see if they are buying the books you own. They make you an instant offer; you print out a pre-printed shipping label and ship the books. Once they receive your books they will inspect them and send you the money via PayPal. Simple as pie! On my first shipment I sent 7 books and made $17 – a lot more than if I had put them in a yard sale. Goals accomplished: Cleared off that dusty book shelf; made a little cash to go out and buy more books; and kept good books from being trashed on moving day.

3. Staples Reward Card – Staples offers a reward program for ink cartridges. You get $3 per cartridge you recycle through them. Simply take your empty cartridges to any cashier, scan your Staples Rewards Card (free to sign up) and once a month you will receive your check in the mail. I save up my points and use them to purchase my printer ink for the entire year!

4. Many businesses offer trade-in coupons for electronics. and both offer incentives for recycling your printers, monitors and other electronic devices when it’s time to replace them with new ones.

5. Then there’s good ‘ole eBay. When the weather is too bad for yard sales, sit down and search eBay. You can sell ANYTHING on eBay (that’s legal, of course.) If you’ve ever bought there before, you can learn to sell there. It’s a fairly simple process and it’s a good way to move those Hummel figurines your grandma left you back in ’79.

One quick note: What if you just are plain old tired of looking at all that clutter and want it hauled away? I’ve got a quick fix for that too. is a site that allows you post ANYTHING as long as you are giving it away. You can also post if you are looking for something particular, such as a used washer, plant cuttings or scraps of fabric. How it works: First you sign up (for free) and find your local “community.” Mine is right here in town. Join that community and post what you have to give away. I’ve seen everything from coupons to furniture to children (okay, maybe just pleas for a little babysitting time.) You can add pictures and videos to your listing. People then email you and let you know they want it. You decide who gets it (first come first serve is the common practice), contact the interested party by email or phone call and make the pick-up arrangements. It’s 100% free. I use it after every yard sale I have. I post that I have left over yard sale items and need them ALL picked up. One person comes and takes it all away!

Kendal, of  is a stay-at-home mom of three girls who loves to find ways to make life simpler. Please visit her at and

Update from Money Savin’ Momma: One of our readers, Mark, just reminded us about another great resource: You can visit Amazon’s Video Games trade-in store here and Amazon’s Movie / DVD / Blu-Ray / TV trade-in store here to recycle your old games and movies! The DVD trade in store actually has a special offer going on right now where you can get an extra $10 free, check it out!

Amazon Trade In

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Get paid to use popular websites (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Hotmail & more)

Get paid to use popular websites (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Hotmail & more): Last month we mentioned BeRuby, a website that pays you to visit popular websites. Some of the websites you can get paid to visit are Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, BeRuby’s blog, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, ESPN, and Wikipedia. You also get paid for visiting BeRuby each day!

They have also been having a promotion (I’m not sure when/if it ends or has ended?) where you get paid $1 just to sign up with BeRuby, and you get $1 for each friend you invite to BeRuby (up to $5 total)! This site pays via Paypal, and you can cash out at $10! Sign up for BeRuby (it’s totally free to sign up and use):

BeRuby.comEarn money for visiting, registering and purchasing from over 500 sites at BeRuby

***To maximize your earnings on BeRuby, visit BeRuby every day. Use BeRuby to get to Gmail, Hotmail, CNN, Facebook, and you will get free money each day. Obviously you will not get rich overnight, but I’ve been amazed at how quickly the cash can add up by visiting websites I visit every day anyway!

If you haven’t signed up yet for BeRuby, sign up now – you are missing out on FREE MONEY for visiting sites you already visit!

I have also been making extra money online (since 2000) by doing paid surveys, and YOU CAN TOO! See the big list of legitimate paid survey companies I use and have gotten paid by! It’s free to sign up for these companies, and you can start making extra money online too!

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