Free shipping and cash back at over 50 stores, including Target & Old Navy – through 12/17 only!

Did you know that Shop at Home is offering double cash back when you shop at over 50 stores online? But hurry, this hot offer ends today! These stores are also offering FREE SHIPPING and up to 32% cash back! Plus, you get $5 FREE just for signing up with Shop at Home!

The Shop at Home website says, From Dec 14-17 you can get free shipping from 50 top stores on this page plus a DOUBLE Cash Back bonus rebate on each purchase you make! There is simply no better way to save money and get free shipping over the holidays. Act quickly because the last day to ship for delivery by Christmas Eve is Thursday, December 17th!

Target deals sales coupons

I am SUPER EXCITED about 10% cash back at Target and 20% cash back at Old Navy and GAP! The Target cash back is HOT, especially if you are considering a high dollar purchase this Christmas, like a laptop, TV, or gaming system. For example, we bought a $600 laptop at Target. 10% cash back would be $60. This is HUGE, especially if the cash back is on an item that hardly ever goes on sale! Add free shipping to that, and you can’t beat this! It looks like the one we bought is no longer available, but you can see it (or one similar to it) at Amazon.

To take advantage of these extra cash back deals, you must first sign up for Shop at Home. You get $5 free just for signing up. Then search for the store you want at the Shop at Home website and use their links to get to the store website. Hurry before this deal is gone!

As an added bonus, if you use the FREE TARGET GIFT CARDS you can get from searching online with Swagbucks and rating websites with iRazoo, you can turn this into a MONEY MAKER!

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Get paid via Paypal to view advertisements online

Get paid to view advertisements online – Get free money just to watch advertisements!

Christmas Cash***This post is part of our Christmas Cash series***

During the holiday season, advertisements are everywhere! And we watch them, for free! But did you know you can actually GET PAID to view advertisements online? The site is called YouData, and this site pays you money to watch advertisements! I have been a member of YouData for about a year now, and have gotten paid via Paypal by them almost every Friday!

How does YouData work?

You select your interests and fill out your profile, and you will view advertisements targeted to your interests and profile. And the best part is you get PAID to view the advertisements. I’ve been very impressed with the advertisements, and even learned about some cool websites! It is completely free to sign up and use YouData.

YouData pays via Paypal EVERY SINGLE WEEK! As long as you view advertisements, you get paid. It takes only a few seconds to view the advertisements, so log in every week to see what new advertisements are available to view. You will not get rich off this, but for a few seconds, it is easy money. And as we all know, EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!

  • Sign up for YouData here

I also make money taking online surveys. I’ve been getting paid to take surveys since 2000. See my big list of legitimate survey sites

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Get free cash by selling your old books at Cash4Books

An easy way to get some FREE cash for Christmas is to get paid cash for your used books. A cool site that you may not be aware of that pays cash via Paypal for your used books is Cash4Books. They buy all types of books, not just textbooks (although they do buy back used textbooks too).

Here’s how it works: You go to the Cash4Books site, input the ISBN from your used books (found in the first few pages of your books), and then see how much they will pay for your books. Then you print out a prepaid mailing label and mail your books to them. They even pay for all shipping costs! You will get paid for your books via Paypal or check, your preference. How easy is that? And there are no out of pocket costs to you. We have been paid by Paypal many times from this site, so we can confirm it is legitimate!
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

We also make FREE holiday money from online paid surveys and by searching the internet, so be sure to check that out too!

So give it a try, you get some extra cash for yourself too, AND clean out all the clutter from your bookshelves: Cash4Books

*This post is part of our Christmas cash series*
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Pinecone research sign up for paid surveys ending TODAY!

The Pinecone Research sign up link is ending today! I just received word that Pinecone Research is closing their paid survey sign up link at 11:59 pm tonight! If you have tried qualifying for Pinecone before (even very recently), I encourage you to try again since they are taking new panelists! You can GET PAID to take surveys with Pinecone Research. This elite survey company only allows survey sign ups at certain times, so be sure to sign up ASAP before they stop allowing sign ups again. If you click the link and you are redirected to another site, that means the Pinecone sign up period has expired…

I cannot emphasize enough that you need to HURRY before this offer is gone… it is ending in a few hours! After you sign up, you will receive an email in a few days if you have been selected to be part of this exclusive survey panel. Pinecone pays promptly by check.

Remember, paid surveys are a great way to earn more cash for Christmas!

I’ve been taking online surveys and getting paid since 2000. See my big list of recommended legitimate survey sites

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Make money with paid surveys + $5 Paypal cash

Make money with paid surveys + $5 Paypal cash free for YOU: Well, December has arrived, and according to our readers, the top money making paid survey company for November was again Surveyhead. Surveyhead, continues to be a favorite because you get $5 free just to sign up and they pay via Paypal. Plus, Surveyhead comes out with new surveys daily!

Christmas Cash***This post is part of our Christmas Cash series***
  • Some of our readers report they are earning $75 a month and more with Surveyhead. Check it out, & get $5 free via Paypal just for signing up! Many readers are surprised that these survey companies actually do pay, and I can assure you the ones we recommend do pay – I have been taking paid surveys online since 2000! I only recommend companies I use / have been paid by!

Also, once you have joined Surveyhead, be sure to verify your account, and then sign in ASAP. You need to check for new surveys at least once a day, if not more often, as their best paid surveys fill up quickly.

—>Sign up for Surveyhead here (I recommend using a special email address just for surveys): Surveyhead

United Sample Paid Surveys $5

I’ve been taking online surveys and getting paid since 2000. See my big list of recommended legitimate survey sites

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$25 paid survey opportunity

I just received a $25 paid survey opportunity from Toluna Opinions! So hurry and check your emails (or sign up with Toluna Opinions ASAP) to see if you have this email or another high dollar survey invitation from Toluna. These high dollar paid surveys fill up quickly, so don’t delay!!

Toluna Opinions Paid Surveys and Product Trials

Here are some of the details from the email I received (Job ID 6981, Survey ID 7458): Today we would like to invite you to participate in a short screening survey for an in-home study we are conducting. If you qualify and agree to participate in our product placement study, you will receive a cash reward of $25 upon completion of the entire study.


Toluna Opinions Surveys: Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $5,000 sweepstakes when you register! Click Here

*This post is part of our Christmas cash series*

—>I’ve been taking online surveys and getting paid since 2000. See my big list of recommended legitimate survey sites

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BeRuby – free cash for using popular websites (Facebook, Hotmail, CNN…)

A few weeks ago we mentioned BeRuby, an awesome site that literally pays you to visit popular websites every single day. I’ve been using this site for several weeks now and am quite impressed. Some of the websites I typically get paid to visit are Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, BeRuby’s blog, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, ESPN, and Wikipedia. You also get paid just for visiting BeRuby each day!

They have also been having a promotion (I’m not sure when/if it ends or has ended?) where you get paid $1 just to sign up with BeRuby, and you get $1 for each friend you invite to BeRuby (up to $5 total)! You can even get paid to shop online through BeRuby at your favorite stores. This site pays via Paypal, and you can cash out at $10! Sign up for BeRuby here (it’s totally free to sign up and use):

BeRuby.comEarn money for visiting, registering and purchasing from over 500 sites at BeRuby

***To maximize your earnings on BeRuby, you need to visit the site every single day. Use BeRuby to get to Gmail, Hotmail, CNN, Facebook, and you will get free money each day. Obviously you will not get rich overnight, but I’ve been amazed at how quickly the cash adds up just by visiting websites I normally visit every day anyway!

If you haven’t signed up yet for BeRuby, sign up ASAP – you are missing out on FREE MONEY!

*This post is in our Christmas cash series*

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Earn money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Earn money with Amazon Mechanical Turk: As part of our Christmas cash series, I want to introduce you to a money making site called Amazon Mechanical Turk. With Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can get paid to do simple tasks online. Amazon Turk is part of Amazon, and it is Amazon who pays you. They pay via direct deposit or Amazon gift cards. I tried Amazon Turk about 1 – 2 years ago, and it was NOT for me. I think I made a total of $9, and for the time I put into it, it was not worth it… I make a lot more money in a lot less time from paid survey sites.

However, several of our readers really like this site, so you may want to give it a try and see what you think. The best paying tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk go quickly, so you need to check the site frequently if you want to make much money. You can make anywhere from a few cents per task to $10 or more per task. Most tasks I’ve found and done pay $2 – 3 or less. The tasks are varied (everything from writing an article, creating a video, data input to ????). One problem I have with MTurk (both in the past and now) is I that have found some tasks that were “morally questionable” for lack of better wording, and also some tasks that asked you to do things that were against the rules on a specific site. (Like for example, one person was paying people to vote for his entry on a contest site, which was clearly against the rules of the contest site.) So please be careful with this site. You can earn some extra money from it, but please don’t sell yourself out etc.

Christmas Cash***This post is part of our Christmas cash series!***

I know we have some readers who really like and use Mechanical Turk, so we would love to hear more about your experiences with it! Please post a comment or send us an email at eadflmomma at gmail dot com.
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