$100 Paid Laundry Soap Study!


We learned that Mysurvey sent invitations to some folks to sample a FREE 6 week supply of laundry detergent! Hurry & join here (it’s free) or check your free account to see if you get this too! This is where you get to try a new laundry detergent for FREE & then get paid $100 to take a survey about the products! I have personally used this site for 16 years and have received various FREE products! Love it! 🙂 So HURRY to see what free opportunities you get, sign up ASAP before this ends (it’s FREE!): Mysurvey Mobile User USA Click Here or MySurvey Computer User USA Click Here ***IMPORTANT: After signing up, check your email & then click the verification link in the email to start getting possible freebies!

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Note: Everyone qualifies for different surveys based on demographic information, such as location, family size, etc. Also, doing these or any online surveys will NOT make you rich, but will definitely pay for little extras, like a special “date night” or family outing! 

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Gift Card Winners 7/21


It’s time to announce our new winners for 7/21, with more winners coming throughout the week! Go see if you won: Winners List – CLICK HERE

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1st 3250 Free Amazon Cards

Smart Phone or Computer and Tablet Owners can snag Amazon Cards, Target and more! We just learned that the Exclusive ePoll Panel is looking for the 1st 3250 to join their exclusive research panel ASAP right here or iPad users click here! If selected, you’ll have a chance to snag Free Amazon cards, Starbucks and more! These spots could fill up fast, so Hurry here: Epoll (USA – Click Here) or Ipad Users Click Here

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Reuse Old Shoe Laces

Have you ever had to throw away your kids shoes, because they were totally worn out? Did you ever wonder what to do with the shoe laces that were in good shape? Here are some fun ways to Reuse Old Shoe Laces! Not only will you be recycling something useful, you’ll be teaching your kids all about how to take care of the environment. Any time you can re-purpose or reuse something in your home instead of throwing it away you are saving money and helping prevent further pollution. Need to replace some old and worn out shoelaces? One of the cheapest places to buy new shoelaces is on Amazon! Check out their current deals here: Shoelaces

Reuse Old Shoe Laces


Dye vibrant colors and use in other shoes. Grabbing a packet or two of brightly colored fabric dye is a great idea for making some hot colors for your kids shoes. Colored laces that are mismatched are often popular with kids. Instead of throwing them away, simply dye them a fun new color and use them in other shoes!

Upcycle for sewing projects. Shoe laces make great drawstrings in waists of homemade skirts or pants. Typically the shorter ones are great for younger kids or doll clothing, but you may find longer ones work well for adult clothing as well.

Use as a bow on a gift. Use some of the brightly dyed shoe laces to tie around special gifts and make a fun colorful bow.

Use in garden to tie branches to trellis. When you have a small garden you know that items like tomatoes and beans often need to be tied to a stake, cage or trellis to keep from falling over. You can easily reuse old shoe laces in your garden every year. This is a fun no fuss and free way to keep your garden in check.

Use in sensory crafts and manipulatives. If your kids are working on lacing projects when they are younger, or even stringing buttons or beads onto something out of their sensory bin old shoe laces are perfect. You can create your own fun bin of items to string for them to sort by shapes or colors and use shoe laces as the free string.

For every little item in your home you might usually throw away, there is a fun free solution that will help you to recycle them to be budget friendly. Reuse old shoe laces for all kinds of fun and needed projects in your home.

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Comet The Kitten Deal On Amazon!

This is such a fun little toys for kids. My daughter has always wanted her own cat, but this is the perfect substitute for her to play with that doesn’t require any work!

Comet The Kitten

  • It walks and Wags its Tail! This little kitten will wiggle it’s way right into your heart. She is 6 inches long and 6″ Tall. Requires 2 x “AA” Batteries (NOT included).


Prices change all the time, so make sure you check your prices before purchasing.

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