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  • SwagCode  –> 145TH – code expires 11/21
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  • 08.12.13 connie danielson

    Where would I find the swagcodes? I am so confused. connie danielson

  • 11.09.13 Dianna Thomas

    ty its 10:52 mnt time and it says invalid code?? oh well–maybe next time

  • 11.09.13 Stacey A Smith

    does not work

  • 12.09.13 Michele

    Happy holidays!

  • 12.09.13 Michele wood

    Good morning,

  • 01.12.14 Rebecca Paradis

    I’m active on SwagBucks, I average one $5 Amazon (450 SB) every week! I just joined Mommytalk Surveys and got a bonus, thanks!! I use my SwagBucks for Amazon $$ and get treats my pets. 🙂 that way I don’t have to ‘budget’ for my pets treats.