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How about $10 FREE and some FREE SAMPLES? Or maybe a FREE iPod or FREE Flip camcorder or FREE Mac Book? We just got a 64 ounce Snuggle for 38 cents at Alice.com! We’ve mentioned Alice.com a few times before, and we’re excited to tell you that Alice.com is now offering FREE SAMPLES and is sending out FREE iPods and FREE Flip camcorders in October! Plus, when you sign up through this Alice.com link, you will get $10 FREE after you spend $50 on the site. We have ordered from Alice 7 times now, and have found some amazing deals on Alice. We have found Alice to be cheaper than Sam’s Club AND Walmart on certain items.

What is Alice.com?

Alice.com is an awesome website that allows you to purchase groceries and household goods and have them shipped for FREE to your home! It is easy to save money on groceries, as they offer exclusive coupons, and shipping is always FREE! Learn how we got a 64 ounce Snuggle for 38 cents at Alice.com

Alice.com free sign up $10
How can our readers get a free iPod or free Flip camcorder?

Alice.com users that place an order between October 1st and October 31st could receive an awesome free sample or could also discover an extra prize, like an iPod shuffle, Flip camera, free movie rentals, a gas card, Alice swag, or much, much more among their regular purchases.

What kind of free samples can our readers now get with Alice.com?

Cool stuff like free cleansers, free moisturizers, free shaving cream, free floss, free coffee, free cleaners, free shampoo, free conditioner and more! With your next Alice.com purchase, you could receive a free sample in your shipment. If so, your free sample will be specially packaged within the Alice box, along with the rest of your order, and shipped free to your door.

Alice.com customers that spread the word on what they liked or disliked about their sample and/or prize via their Twitter account, a Facebook status update or wall posting, and/or a blog post, will be entered into a contest to win a Mac Book!

Free Mac Book—>Sign up for Alice.com and get $10 free<---

Check out our other articles about Alice.com to see photos of some of our recent purchases:

Photo courtesy of Alice.com

Sign up for Alice.com + get $10 free & other freebies! Will YOU be one of the lucky ones to get a FREE iPod, FREE Flip camcorder, or FREE Mac Book?

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