Hulu 12-Month Subscription ONLY 99¢ Per Month (Extended through 11/27)

Update Tuesday, 11/27 – They have extended this offer through tonight, so if you were having problems snagging it yesterday because their site was crashing, go NOW! ***Wow, you can snag a Hulu 12-Month Limited Commercial Subscription for just 99¢ per month! This is the best deal I’ve EVER seen on Hulu. We’ve had Hulu and it’s great! Note this is for new OR qualifying returning customers! Click Here


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  • 11.26.18 Sherry Lambing

    Thanks! I just signed up!

  • 11.26.18 Kristi Dishner

    Why is it saying unavailable? Meaning I can’t get it?

  • 11.26.18 Jaime Prideaux

    Kristi – I think the Hulu site has crashed, try again in a few minutes or in a half hour. Everyone is trying to snag this deal at the last minute before it ends and their site is overloaded

  • 11.26.18 Bonnie

    Signed up

  • 11.27.18 Stacy Hetherington

    Got this deal so very Happy I got it

  • 11.28.18 sheila carter

    thanks for theses amazing give aways