Get up to $10 in Credits & Points towards an Amazon, Target or Walmart Gift Card

Want a Free $10 credit to use on your choice of $25 Gift Card? Your total will be only $15 (for a $25 gift card) after using your $10 in points and credits! 🙂 Yup, you can get $10 in Credits & Points towards an Amazon, Target, or Walmart gift card when you sign up at SixthContinent! This site sells e-gift cards and passes some of their profits onto their users! It’s free to use the site and as soon as you join today, you get a $10 credit that you can use on your first gift card purchase. Use this $10 credit to buy your choice of popular $25 gift cards, including Amazon, Target, Walmart and more! Your total is only $15 (for a $25 gift card) after using your $10 in points and credits! I have been using this site since September and have saved a ton on gift cards. Hurry before this deal ends and be sure to join using this link: SixthContinent

Even better, with SixthContinent, you get earn credits on every gift card you buy and you can use that credit on future gift card purchases. They share their profits with their users, so you can get anywhere from around $0.20 – $0.66 each day, just for logging into SixthContinent each day. You can use that $ to buy additional gift cards as well… So at the end of each month, you can easily have an extra $6 – $10 to use on future gift card purchases, just for logging into the site each day. Talk about easy money! There’s also other ways you can earn extra points and credits on the site to help you save even more. You can buy your favorite Gift Card with points and credits earned… For example, I saved up my credits and points, and here you can see I have enough points & credits for $100 Amazon Gift Card for only $50 after using credits and points! And I get $1.50 credit on top of that, to use on my next purchase! Woohoo! Go here to get started now: SixthContinent

Here’s another screenshot from my account, this time with a $100 Walmart gift card for $50 after points & credits.

NOTE: After you make a gift card purchase, your gift card will appear in your account in 2 business days.


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  • 12.04.18 Phyllis Grizzekk

    I never win anything. Sure would be nice

  • 12.04.18 Phyllis Grizzell

    Had to miss today because of hot water heater missed everyone Tuesday

  • 12.04.18 Phyllis Grizzell

    Bad day hot water heater quit

  • 12.15.18 Destonie Brown

    I don’t have a clue what o am doing but it’s Fun!!!

  • 12.16.18 Jodi Hunter

    Thanks for this post.