Review: Foodsaver vacuum machine

Welp, I had the chance to borrow a foodsaver vacuum machine deal and thought I would post my opinions in case any of you all were in the same boat as me. I have seen these things for years in the stores and kind of thought “seems like a good idea but also seems like another one of those as seen on tv gimmick deals”. So I never bothered to buy one. I borrowed one for the weekend with some bags to try out because I could and figured with the bulk cooking I have been doing it could be useful if it actually worked, but I wasn’t going to waste any money on it without trying one first.

I must say, I opened the box up and looked it over and it seemed too simple. But after using it, thats all there is to it, no engineering degree required. I vacuumed up some hamburgers, fruits and even a bunch of deer jerky. Very impressed, not only did it SUCK the air out and leave me a nice clean air free freezer pack, but it only took like 3 seconds. I am not sure how these freezer packs will do long term, that is the next stage of the test before we invest in one (by that I mean ask for one for xmas, lol). I will let you all know how they stave off freezer burn over the next couple months. Pretty neat system overall. I am rarely this impressed.

Some pics of my test samples and the unit:
foodsaver review

foodsaver review foodsaver review
foodsaver review foodsaver review

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  • 05.05.08 cupunlvr

    The other factor to consider though is the cost of the bags….. think they run around $2.50, that is quite a bit more than freezer zip locks. Please update after you have used them for awhile. I too have considered purchasing these.

  • 05.05.08 madsow

    That is true, the bags aren’t the cheapest, but it says they are reusable if you want. I don’t know that I would reuse something that has had raw beef in it, but I could see re-sealing the deer jerky after taking some out. I will post an update in a couple months and see if the freezer burn has set in yet. More to come…