How to hack a foaming soap dispenser:

We had a couple of these “foaming” hand soaps around the house, I got them a month or so ago at Wal-Mart for like 1.66 or something each. Now that they are empty I instinctively went back to squirting a little dish soap in my hands and washing up with that. Noticing how much more watery looking the foaming soap was I hacked my own version out.

Enjoy the pic by pic how to… why buy??? you can refill them for like 1 cent of dish soap.

Soap dispenser with lid removed:

I used Dawn apple scented soap, it’s antibacterial so it’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.
Here is a close-up, this is all the more dish soap you need.
Just fill it up with water now:
Voila! It works just as well as the stuff from the store, but is dirt cheap.

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Comments {7}

{7} Comments

  • 12.07.08 bcsymmes

    I have been doing this for years, with our Pamper Chef suds pump – i have one in each bathroom, at the kitchen sink for dishes, also one for our all purpose cleaner (like fantastic, but cheaper). When we were going thru the diaper bag stage, i also had one in there for quick diaper clean ups and on the go cleaning (no need for wipes!!!)

    But the biggest saver in our house is when we use it for our kids shampoo or our adults Shampoo (this is a higher dilution then kids) We go thru far less shampoo this way.

  • 12.09.08 rmlrhonda

    So I’m not the only one! I keep telling my husband that, but I don’t think he believes me.

  • 12.09.08 nolaffing

    If you want just regular foaming handsoap (not antibacterial), try refilling with a drip from the big bubble baths from the dollar store…..will last forever!

  • 03.20.09 Michelle

    I’m SO GLAD I found your blog far, I’ve made $10, gotten some free diapers, saved $20 at JCP and now can refill my soap dispenser.

    I actually just came from the bathroom wondering if I could refill it with my new Palmolive dishsoap that was sent to me by Bzzz.

  • 05.24.09 Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

    I, too, have been doing this since these foaming soap dispenser first came out. I can’t believe that people actually pay more for this product than the regular liquid soap when you are simply buying more water!

  • 01.19.10 mare

    Thanks Shane, I’ve been looking for this type of dispenser since you posted this and bought two a couple of weeks ago!

  • 12.08.13 md Kennedy

    What a great idea! I am about to finish a fave foaming soap in my bathroom and want to use a non-toxic replacement. I’d also rather reuse the bottle so this will work very well!