Refill a Swiffer WetJet: How to refill your Wet Jet
How to refill a swiffer wetjet/wet jet: Hack your swiffer wetjet/wet jet:

I love our Swiffer Wetjet for cleaning up small messes and quick cleans in between scrubbing, but the refills are so dang expensive. I do love the smell, but not worth the 5 bucks a refill. It’s actually really easy and you can fill it with whatever cleaner you want. Swiffer wants you to think that the cap is permenant, but it can be easily removed without even much elbow grease.

Step 1: Remove the cap. Almost everyone probably has a pair of these standard pliers or channel locks like it, if not… borrow some from your dad or uncle or neighbor.

Make sure the pliers are in the biggest jaw setting for maximum effect. Clamp on the lid and give it a tug. Remember, leftie loosie… rightie tightie.

Step 2: Refill. Once you have it off, just fill it up with whatever cleaner you like. Pine sol smells good or in this case I used about 1.5 cups of vinegar and topped it up with water. Whatever floats your boat so to speak.

Step 3: Screw lid back on. Mine went on easily the second time, but the first time it needed pliers to get it on tight again. I removed the label so I would remember which is which.


See… I told you it was easy.

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Comments {16}

{16} Comments

  • 12.10.08 Mama2ce

    LOL – I like your “how to hack” posts 🙂

  • 12.10.08 madsow

    Thanks. I kind of have fun doing things like this. Plus the cost of the refills for a lot of these things are outrageous.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • 12.28.08 Anonymous

    Love It!!! I’m going to link this post to my website, if that is okay with you! 🙂 Now, all you need is a swiffer cloth! )

  • 03.23.09 Anonymous

    This is fantastic! How about a way to make rewashable pads for it, too?

  • 03.26.09 WiJoyMom

    This post makes me want to go buy the Swiffer WetJet so, I can do these refills =)

  • 04.08.09 Sharon

    Great Tip! I had to share this one in light of the current discount program. Thanks.

  • 04.08.09 Anonymous

    Not only it’s cheaper but you can use a more environmentally friendly product. Plus, I always find that the Swifter liquid makes my floor sticky so I will not hesitate to hack mine. Way to go!

  • 04.08.09 Debbie

    Thanks, wish I had found this sooner. I tossed a wetjet when I realized I was stuck with their overpriced refills. I’m stubborn when I think I’m being abused, but I’m not as resourceful and creative as you are.

  • 04.10.09 Stacy

    You are brillant! Thanks for teaching the rest of us how to think outside the box, er refill! Love it!

  • 05.24.09 Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

    This is exactly what I do with the scrubbing bubbles shower sprayer thingy (I can’t beleive I can’t remember what it is called! LOL). I too love the smell of the original Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner but, it is just too expensive so, I refill it with a homemade cleaner.

  • 07.18.09 Lenetta @ Nettacow

    Linked to this on my weekly roundup here. Between laziness and mostly carpet I've not used my swiffer too much. But I'm tucking this away for when it runs out! Thanks!

  • 07.18.09 Young in TX

    I just found a knitting pattern online to knit a Swiffer Dry Mop cloth refills. Now to 'hack' it and adapt for the Swiffer Wetjet and I'll be set! Wahoo.

  • 09.07.09 Jen

    Thanks for posting this! I have two little ones, so I don't like filling up a whole bucket of danger around them.

    Another tip–cloth diapers make excellent Swiffer pads. I clipped one on with clothes pins and it was perfect!

  • 09.19.09 Anonymous

    I just wanted to let you know that I used your Swiffer Hack post today! I can't believe how nice and shiny the floors came out with the Pine-Sol instead of sticky Swiffer solution! Thanks for the info!

  • 10.30.10 FullMoon

    Yah, I tried and tried to get this bottle cap off and got really upset that I was such a push over for this product. The refills are so expensive & I thought about two years ago; I should invent a mop with a refillable canister. Too bad I did not since two companies have now come out with my idea. Thanks for the info. Now I don’t have to throw away my swiffer mop.

  • 03.30.13 Kathy

    Thank you , so much. Worked awesome