MySurvey is looking to pay mothers with children under 4!

I just took a survey with My Survey, and the survey told me that MySurvey is specifically looking for more survey panelists, particularly mothers with children under age 4. They also want to send mothers PAID PRODUCT TRIALS. These are where a company sends you product to try at home for free, and then you get paid (via cash or points) for completing a brief survey about the product.

So, if you are a mother with children under age 4, be sure you sign up with MySurvey panel today, to start getting PAID to take surveys and try new products. It’s free to sign up!

Also, you do not have to be a mother with children under age 4 to join this panel. They are looking for all types of panel members, and just particularly recruiting mothers at this time.

  • Sign up for My Survey here.
  • After you’ve signed up, be sure to check your email – you need to confirm your sign up before you can receive any surveys or product trials.

***If you are a mother with a baby, check out Ipsos Survey Panel for more survey opportunities!

If you want to see the list of 15+ legitimate survey sites we use/recommend, you can see the list here

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{5} Comments

  • 05.13.09 Sweet Serendiptiy

    Awesome. I just signed up. Thanks for the heads up.

  • 05.14.09 The Hamm Crew

    I too just signed up. I am a SAHM to 5 mo triplets, 3 yo and a 5yo. So I love signing up for these types of things. Thanks for the heads up and the referral!

  • 05.15.09 Annie

    I signed up, too. Thanks for the referral.

  • 06.03.09 jasmine

    i signed up, but it didn't ask me my kid's ages (i have three kids under age 4) and i didn't get any surveys concerning kids. help me?????

    (by the way, i love your blog!!!)


  • 06.05.09 Money Savin' Momma

    I signed up years ago with this company, so I honestly don't remember when it asked me my kids' age. But I do know MySurvey sends out surveys from time to time asking me to update my personal information, and this includes household info like children and their ages. Also, some specific surveys will ask if you have children and their ages right at the beginning of the survey. This is how I have qualified for a paid diaper study with MySurvey in the past. Also, double check that you have verified your email address with MySurvey and responded to their activation email. This will ensure you receive future surveys. MySurvey also looks at other factors when sending surveys, such as zip code, income, occupation, race, etc. Once your profile matches a what a survey client is looking for, MySurvey will send out the survey link to you. Also, it can take awhile to receive surveys at first, but the more surveys you do, the more they generally send you. Good luck!