Free sewing machine, plus cash back!

Free sewing machine, plus cash back for you!

Okay, several people have alerted me to this fun deal, so I must share it with you! You can get a free sewing machine through Mr. Rebates and!! (If you don’t need a free sewing machine, this would still make a cool gift!)

Here’s how to get this hot deal:

  • Sign up for Mr. Rebates here, or sign into your Mr. Rebates account if you already have one. You get $5 FREE just for signing up, plus it’s totally free to sign up and use Mr. Rebates. You get cash back on your online purchases when you shop through Mr. Rebates!
  • Search for “Brylane Home” within Mr. Rebates. Once you have found Brylane Home in Mr. Rebates, click on the “free sewing machine with any order link” – that will take you to the Brylane Home website
  • Now that you are on the Brylane Home website, search for “mini rex sewing machine”. Add that item to your cart.
  • Find another inexpensive item and add it to your cart. You can click on the “clearance” section and then “bargains $9.99 or less” to find some cheap items. Examples are Cobbler’s Aprons $4.99, Replacement Drip Pans $3.49, or Pink Patchwork Throw $4.99.
  • Use Promotion Code BHWSEWING at checkout. Your total for everything, including shipping, will be $10 or less, PLUS you will get 5% cash back from Mr. Rebates! And, if you are new to Mr. Rebates, you will get an additional $5 cash back. That means after rebates, you just spent less than $5, and got a cool apron/quilt/etc. plus a free sewing machine!

Mini Sewing Machine at Brylane HomeRemember, these could make some great Christmas presents or other nice year round gifts for someone! By taking advantage of great deals like this year round, you’ll be surprised how little you spend on holiday presents this year! Photo credit –

Thanks Selma, for the info!

UPDATE: We got our free sewing machine, and it is so cute! This deal is likely now expired, but there are still lots of great deals available at

Comments {10}

{10} Comments

  • 08.24.09 The Jacquez's

    I didn't realize that you had to have $10 in rebates in order to request payment from MrRebate. I ordered the sewing machine but don't know if I will do enough shopping online to get my $5 back from signing up with MrRebate 🙁

  • 08.25.09 Money Savin' Momma

    Yes, each cash back site has a different minimum "cash out" amount, and sometimes the cashout amount changes as the cash back site terms change or as the promotions/sales on the cash back site change. When we first signed up, I wondered if we would meet the minimum cash out levels on the various cash back sites as well. But I have found that there are so many awesome/cheap deals online these days, that it really does not take long to reach the minimum. We have been able to cash out on the cash back sites, and get lots of super cheap deals too! Around Christmas time I think you may be surprised at how quickly the cash back starts adding up as the deals get better and better! So keep a close eye on our site, and we'll help you reach the cash back minimum while spending very little out of pocket! In fact, we'll be posting another hot cash back offer in the next few days, if not sooner!

  • 08.25.09 April

    Thanks for this info. I just placed an order. I've been wanting a sewing machine. I know this one doesn't do alot but it will let me know if I want to pursue sewing.

  • 08.25.09 Money Savin' Momma

    We decided to order one too! I don't know whether we'll keep it for ourselves or give it as a gift. We got the apron as the other small item. I'm really excited about the apron too! The apron is also another great gift item!

  • 08.28.09 Melissa

    I got the 3-piece handbag set for 7.99 with the free sewing machine. The handbag set is mother-in-law's Christmas present…she will love it!

  • 08.30.09 Colleen

    I tried to get the sewing machine and it said the code was invalid 🙁 it was supposed to be good through today….

  • 08.30.09 Money Savin' Momma

    Yes, it does say the code should be good through today. You might try calling Brylane Home to ask about it. I would try entering the code myself to see what happens, but we already bought the machine, so I'm sure it won't let us use the code again.

    By the way, the machine is too cute! It came yesterday. I'm so excited about it! Maybe I can finally "re-learn" to sew, lol!

  • 08.30.09 Money Savin' Momma

    I just looked on the Brylane website, their contact info is here:

    To order by phone or speak with a BrylaneHome Customer Service Representative, call toll free anytime (800) 544-3793.

  • 10.13.10 Diana Smith Hill

    I searched, there is no mini rex sewing machine in the inventory.

  • 10.13.10 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    this blog post is from 2009 so they may have stopped carrying it