Nielsen HomeScan – scan groceries to get free stuff = FREEBIES for YOU!

Nielsen HomeScan – scan groceries to get free stuff and rewards = FREEBIES for YOU!

I have been keeping everyone up to date on my progress with the Nielsen HomeScan program, where you scan groceries to get free stuff and rewards. I’ve had the Nielsen Home Scanner for several weeks now.

Nielsen Homescan unit
  • You can see if the Nielsen HomeScan rewards program is accepting new people in your area (as you fill out the questionnaire it will tell you if they’re accepting new people in your area)
  • Even if you tried signing up before, Nielsen Home Scanner may now be accepting new HomeScan panelists in your area. We have heard from many people who were turned down before but have now been accepted into the program, or are on the waiting list.

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I’ve been scanning with the Nielsen Home Scanner for several weeks now. Here are my general impressions so far. At first I was overwhelmed with the entire scanning process, as the instructions are very detailed. But now, after a few weeks, I feel almost like a pro! Basically, you record all your household purchases into the scanner, by scanning the item barcodes. You get points for each week that you scan your purchases and submit them to Nielsen, plus you get points for taking Nielsen surveys (I love those, as you know how I love paid surveys, lol.) I still haven’t had time to look through all the prizes, but the ones I did see earlier look nice. Also, you will not earn prizes overnight. The longer you are a panel member, the more points you receive for scanning purchases. So it definitely pays to stay in this program long term. I think I will be able to order some nice items for myself or others as presents, just for scanning in our weekly purchases, so I am excited! That is my update for now. If anyone has specific questions about the program, please let me know, and I can address them in future updates.
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Comments {10}

{10} Comments

  • 09.21.09 lawlady

    its is definately worth the time you put into it the longer you stick with it.

  • 09.22.09 Prpldy

    I've been a member and scanning my purchases for a few years now and I love it! I've received some very nice items to. But haven't won any of the sweepstakes yet. Fingers are still crossed that I will eventually. I love telling the companies my opinions.

  • 10.26.09 Nanell

    Been at this four year now and love it. ANd wow if that is a pix. of your scanner it is way nicer than mine. I just scan as I take items out of the bag to put away.

  • 11.06.09 Ngina

    I got accepted into this and I live in AL, so I NEVER thought I'd get into it! Thanks. I just got my scanner YESTERDAY, and you're right, it is very detailed. I just looked in the box, haven't read anything yet. I was starting to change my mind, as I have 5 kids in my house and don't think I'll have time, but I will try it and see. It would be cool if you could have some tutorials on this. Thanks again.

  • 11.10.09 Money Savin' Momma

    Ngina, I felt a little bit that way at first because the instructions are quite detailed, but am so glad I stuck with it! Now that we've been doing it for a couple months, it's like second nature and you move through it quickly.

    I recommend you give it a try for a month or two and see what you think for yourself. If you don't like it or decide it's not for you, you just send the scanner back at no charge. But either way, at least you gave it a try and won't be wondering "what if"…. 🙂

  • 11.21.09 Rose of

    Hi, i just got approved last week, after being turned down a few times … I’m waiting for the scanner to arrive and excited to see how it goes. Thanks for the info!!

  • 12.16.09 Heather

    I am not a very happy panel member when I need to get in contact with the panel support center they are always closed when they should be open like right now it is Friday at 10:37 am and they say they are open from 9 am to 9 pm ET and it is like either 11 am or 12 pm so they are open and it is telling me that it is closed

  • 12.16.09 Money Savin' Momma

    I have not had that problem. Weather can sometimes play a role in when places are open, especially during the winter with storms and such. I usually email them and they have been good to respond, with helpful information. I like email, especially as a busy mom, I can contact them any time and read their response when it’s convenient for me. I recommend you give email a try and see if that works for you. I’ve emailed them a ton of times already and have received a helpful response each time. Good luck!

  • 04.26.10 mary dininni

    i received a message stating i was accepted as a member but before i replied my husband deleted questions i was to reply . i was a former Shoppers Hot Line member for many years and i enjo yed scanning my groceries.

  • 04.30.11 carol

    i would love to be acepted as i am retire and could do this in my spare time. do a lot of entertainmemt. would love to give it a try. i need something to keep me busy and shop for groceries every week. with the price of gas, try and do it on 1 day and once a week. thank you carol