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If you are looking for a sign up swag code for Swag bucks (a special swag code to use when signing up for Swag bucks), use Swag bucks sign up code: SBTVisOnTheAir for an extra 30 free swagbucks! Sign up through this Swagbucks sign up link and use code SBTVisOnTheAir to get 60 free swagbucks: Swagbucks sign up link

You will get 30 bucks free for signing up with this sign up link at Swag bucks, plus you can GET PAID to search online and get FREE Amazon gift cards, for the Google searches you already do!

Plus, EVERYONE can get 30 more bucks FREE this month from Swag bucks!

Here’s how to get the free $60 in Swagbucks / Swag bucks (new members only):

  • Copy this swag code exactly (or write it down on a sheet of paper so you have it handy): SBTVisOnTheAir (code is CaSe SeNsiTiVe) – the sign up swag code is worth 30 bucks
  • Where it asks for “swagcode” on the sign up page, enter SBTVisOnTheAir (again, I recommend you copy the code exactly from our blog post here before you go to the Swagbucks sign up page, so you can quickly paste the code on the Swagbucks sign up page)
  • So using the above code (40 bucks) and signing up (30 bucks) you will have 60 free bucks to start!

If you’re signing up after October 22, 2010 (meaning the sign up swag code is expired), you will still get 30 free swag bucks just to sign up.

New to Swag bucks? You can get PAID to search online, for the Google searches you already do! More about Swagbucks


In addition to giving us a special sign up swag code for our readers, Swagbucks also contacted us to let us know about some exciting updates coming to Swag bucks in September!

  1. New Swag bucks tool bar – the new Swagbucks toolbar will be compatible with Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox (FF), and Safari!
  2. New Swag codes released every day in September on the Swag bucks toolbar! This means at 30 free swag bucks for you in September if you have the Swagbucks toolbar!
  3. Swaggo / Swag bucks bingo – You will get special “Swaggo” pieces when you order select prizes at the Swagstore, and you could win 1000 free swag bucks!
  4. New “Back to School” section in the Swagstore

PLEASE NOTE: You should also know that as of September 2009, all searches on Swagbucks are UNFILTERED. Swagbucks has told me they will be implementing a “safe search” / filtered search option soon, but this has not yet occurred. So again, all searches on Swagbucks are UNFILTERED. Keep this in mind when signing up and using Swagbucks, especially if you have children in your house.

The Swag bucks sign up swag code will only work for new sign ups at Swagbucks. If you are a current Swag bucks user looking for current swagcodes, keep an eye on our website! We post info to help you find new swagcodes!

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