How to use Swag bucks & iRazoo

Update 1/10 – iRazoo recently changed its format on how to win points (and this is how iRazoo used to be when it was first set up, so I’m glad to see the changes!) From the iRazoo site: Due to popular demand, we have made it easier to earn points! Points are now awarded randomly while searching. You no longer have to recommend or comment on websites in order to earn points. Every search you make is a chance to win points instantly! Points can be awarded at any time for any search.

How to use Swag bucks & iRazoo. Readers sometimes ask us how to use Swagbucks and iRazoo together, to maximize their online earnings. We have lots of readers earning free money with both Swagbucks and iRazoo , so here is what I recommend:

Start searching on Swagbucks at the beginning of the day. Search until you win some Swag bucks. Then switch to iRazoo and search until you win points. Continue your searches on iRazoo until 3 – 4 hours have passed, as you can also instantly win an Amazon gift card for any search on iRazoo. I would not search again on Swagbucks for another 3 – 4 hours, as most people seem to win every 3 – 4 hours or so on Swagbucks, and do not win again before that time frame.

After 3 – 4 hours, switch back to Swagbucks.
Continue searching on Swagbucks until you win more free Swag bucks. Then switch back to iRazoo and do your searches on there. Continue this pattern until you have won 4 times in one day on Swagbucks – then use iRazoo exclusively for the rest of the day.

Other tips for using Swag bucks and iRazoo together:

On Swagbucks you randomly win Swag bucks. Most people seem to win 2 – 4 times a day. If you refer lots of friends to Swagbucks, this will help you get more Swag bucks. You win prizes on both Swagbucks and iRazoo, but as of October 2009, you will generally receive your prizes quicker from iRazoo… plus on iRazoo, you can instantly win Amazon gift cards for your searches, and you receive those gift cards right away via email.

You should NOT make up lots of searches and do lots of “random” or pointless searches on these websites – if you do, they may deactivate your account due to “unnatural searching”. This has never happened to me, but it has happened to a couple of our readers. They then had to contact the company to get their account reactivated. So just search on these two sites for whatever you would normally search for on Google.

So now let’s all get out there and start earning lots of FREE MONEY for searching online and rating / commenting on websites!

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{2} Comments

  • 10.19.09 Anonymous

    It's hard to use Irazoo! Is there some way to add Irazoo to my search sites without downloading the toolbar? To explain my question. When I tried to download the toolbar it opened in Internet Explorer which I don't use. It's also a little confusing to use, I search a site, then click on the site, login info is then required, so do I have to log in to Irazoo or do I log into the site? I end up with a lot of open windows and then Fire Fox freezes up on me and closing so I lose everything I had open. Any Suggestions on what I'm doing wrong, let me know. JackieSuper

  • 10.24.09 Money Savin' Momma

    We do not use the irazoo toolbar, I just go directly to their site and log in and search that way. I have never had any problems like you describe when I go directly to irazoo and search, so you might try that.