Free $4 movie credit (video on demand) at Amazon, hurry!

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Amazon video on demandOnce you have your credit, go to the Amazon Video on Demand section to get your free movie!

Comments {3}

{3} Comments

  • 12.22.09 mark

    i’ve never really understood amazons video on demand…. can you KEEP/Download it instead of streaming it?

  • 12.22.09 The Engineer


    As far as I have ever known you can only watch it live. I’ve never understood that either, you would think you could do a queue like in netflix, but it is always “on demand” like a pay per view movie.

    I’m looking forward to watching a new flick once the kiddos go to bed… if they ever run out of energy.

  • 12.25.09 Gabrielle

    Hi, I believe you can download to files onto your PC via Amazon Unbox – I just did, and it seems to work fine! Also, if you have a TiVo or Roku, etc. then you can also watch using them. Just so you know 🙂