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Comments {9}

{9} Comments

  • 07.03.10 monique

    i started doing lighting speed and wanted to know if you’ve had any experience with it? ive done two surveys so far and have 300 points so far and an amazon gift card of $5 is only 550 points. seems kinda like a good deal compared to swagbucks.

  • 07.04.10 Money Savin' Momma

    Monique, we only recommend survey sites we personally use / have been paid by, and yes I have been using lightspeed since 2005 or earlier. You will find about any survey company is far superior to swagbucks. I really hate to see people waste their time on swagbucks surveys when they can make more on about any survey site – surveyhead or mommytalk surveys in particular, also lightspeed and others – see all the survey sites I use herehttp://www.engineeradebtfreelife.com/2009/08/make-money-online.html

  • 12.02.10 Christina

    I have been doing surveys for surveyhead, and the only rewards i noticed were magazines? is there a certain amount of money that has to be earned before cashing out? I would appreciate information on this. thanks!

  • 12.03.10 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    For surveyhead, go to the rewards panel, click the drop down arrow by where it says “$10.00” – select $25.00 – you’ll see the Amazon gift cards there on page 1, and paypal on page 4.

  • 04.05.11 heather moore

    Love this site and getting my freebies in the mail

  • 04.17.12 Ashley

    me too i hardly have to buy shampoo from all the freebies

  • 12.03.12 Syb Verkleir

    It’s like a meteor!

  • 12.03.12 Syb Verkleir

    We there?

  • 12.06.12 Heather Allen maston

    mine are 20/18/17/14 3 girls and last one a boy