100 free points daily on Irazoo = more FREE Amazon gift cards!

Want more FREE points and more FREE Amazon gift cards on Irazoo? Get 100 free points daily on Irazoo, which means you will be able to get more FREE Amazon gift cards each month! According to the Irazoo website: You will now get 25 points for each website recommendation and 25 points for each comment, for a total of 50 points for each website. We allow 2 recommendations/comments per day, which will give you an extra 100 points per day! This is in addition to the points you win everyday from searching online with Irazoo, and it only takes 3000 points to get a FREE $5 Amazon gift card! Irazoo is a site like Swagbucks, that pays you to do online searches (the same ones you already do on Google). Sign up for Irazoo and get 50 free points today!

iRazoo treasure codeIrazoo sign up link for 50 free points!

Comments {4}

{4} Comments

  • 06.01.12 pam clark

    so if i leave a comment here i get an extra 25 points?

  • 08.13.12 Karal Clarke

    Irazoo is a great site. Hey Pam did u get ur points?

  • 10.18.12 lisakraemer

    it says 50 points

  • 10.18.12 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    This post is from a long time ago, so the point value has probably changed