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  • 04.18.11 Monica L. Strasser

    I’m a newly single mom i left a horrible relationship. I one day just got tired of it & left him i left with barely anything mostly just the main basics… It’s been almost 10 mths & still struggling day -to- day. Ive been at home with my kids for 9yrs. i’m now stuck at the point where should i go what should i do?? The 1st 4mths i was a wreck i suffer from depression, A.D.H.D. which alot plays along with these diseases.. I have 1 chair, 1 entertainment Center, Sm. t.v., & dressers & beds. My ex has moved on & he always worked so his job was still there & still is there.. He thinks i can just go on & not need his help once in awhile which you like evryother parent knows it takes alot to rasise kids with no help. i moved from my friends & family, my life that ive always known & now i’m just shoved to the side.. I could use alitte help with some furniture my car blew up i got into a major car accident. i need to get a job ..