Quick and Easy Fudge Recipe with only 2 Ingredients

Everyone loves fudge. The gooey confection is one that is sought after as a special homemade candy treat that everyone will clamor to grab when it appears on the table. This Quick & Easy Fudge Recipe with only 2 ingredients takes away all of the fear of making fudge. For years, I watched my mom stand over the stove with a candy thermometer slaving over how to make perfectly smooth and soft fudge. Now I present this easy recipe that has her fooled into thinking I too have slaved for hours in my kitchen.



1 12oz Jar Peanut Butter (smooth or crunchy)

1 16oz Jar Chocolate Frosting


  • Put ingredients together in microwave safe bowl

  • Microwave on high for 45 seconds

  • Stir well

  • Microwave for additional 45 seconds

  • Stir making sure well combined

  • Pour into pre-lined pan (we use 8×8 pan)

  • Cover and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

  • Remove from refrigerator and cut into squares.

Quck & Easy Fudge Recipe

This simple two ingredient fudge is perfect for creating this luscious chocolate peanut butter flavor everyone will love. It is definitely the preferred version in our family, but if you like something different here are some other great combinations you can try.

Crunchy peanut butter with white frosting

Peanut Butter and cream cheese frosting

Peanut Butter and caramel icing

If you or your family have peanut allergies, there is one other great alternative to this method.

Icing flavor of choice with 12 ounces of baking chocolate, or chocolate chips.

White icing with butterscotch chips

Strawberry icing with white chocolate chips

Orange icing with white chocolate chips

Chocolate icing with chocolate chips

Chocolate icing with mint chocolate chips

The combinations are endless when you are making quick and easy fudge recipe. When using chocolate chips or baking chips, you only need to make sure that the chips are melted well when mixing together. These are great fun treats to whip up with your kids!

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  • 07.07.16 Emily

    Mmm, who doesn’t love chocolate fudge! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

  • 08.02.16 Ashley Sunshine

    Looks delicious! Gonna have to give it a try!

  • 08.05.16 Nicole

    This has to be the easiest fudge recipe ever! What a great idea, especially when you need a quick dessert. Thank you for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty – hope to see you back again next week!

  • 08.08.16 Sherry Nappa

    Who can resist quick and easy fudge? Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us at Merry Monday.

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    I absolutely love chocolate and kind of wish I had some right now. Thanks for sharing with us at the Delicious Dishes recipe party!

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    My kind of recipe, easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays! See you tomorrow!