Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Do you find your trash littered with plastic bottles and you are looking for some Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles instead of taking them all to the recycling bins? We have a great list of fun ways to use plastic bottles around the house that will help you to become more Eco-Friendly and even save some money along the way. We love frugal tips and this is a great place to start.

Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles


Planters for herbs or small plants. Cut in half and use as a small simple planter for a windowsill herb garden. They can also be hung from the side of a building or placed along a ledge as a great way to grow small plants until time to transplant into a larger garden.

As stamps to paint flowers. The bottom of most plastic bottles actually resembles a flower shape. Dip into paint and use as a stamp to make pretty flowers on paper. This is a great craft to do with kids.

Use for crafting. There are tons of fun crafts from plastic bottle chandeliers to sliced bottles used for making holiday trees that are fun to make with the kids. Save your plastic bottles in various shapes and sizes then go to Pinterest for fun crafting ideas.

Use for storage and organizing. Cut in half and use to sort things like beads, craft supplies, screws and nuts and bolts or even school supplies. These stack together neatly and are easy to store in other boxes or bins for use later on.

Create simple bird feeders. Punch a few holes in the sides of a bottle, add in a twig, spoon, or pencil for the birds to perch on an fill with seed so birds can feed easily. Sit these on your deck or hang from trees around your yard.

These ways to reuse plastic bottles are fun, easy and a great way to get rid of trash in your home while recycling into useful objects.

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