Homemade Charcoal Body Bar

The detoxifying power of activated charcoal combined with a creamy hydrating soap base work to make your skin healthy and glowing.  This Handmade Charcoal Body Soap Bar recipe is a simple base and can be customized with your favorite essential oils to make a detox charcoal body bar that is luxurious and effective for men or women. You can go as soft as lavender or go bold and use something like clove, mint, or cedar wood essential oil  to give it a rich profile. Make some for yourself but they are also great for holiday gifts, wrap a stack in bow or fill up a jar with them.

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Homemade Charcoal Body Bar

Homemade Charcoal Body Bar


You will need:

1 cup soap base

1 T. activated charcoal

essential oil

2 tsp. argan/jojoba oil


You will also need: 

a small pan

silicone mold

Cut your pour and melt soap base into smaller chunks and place in a small pan. It’s a good idea to purchase a pan just for DIY recipes instead of sharing the one you use for your food. I like to use goats milk soap base because it is ultra moisturizing, contains alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins and minerals. However, you can use plain clear glycerin soap base if you prefer.

Melt over medium heat, stirring frequently until soap is completely liquid.

Remove from heat and carefully stir in argan oil, essential oil, and activated charcoal powder. The powder is very fine and easily spreads throughout the air, so be sure to go slowly and not breathe in any powder.

Quickly pour into desired mold and allow to cool for several hours before carefully removing from the mold. Store in a dry cool place to keep charcoal soap bars in good shape.

How many bars of soap you make will depend on the size of your molds. Start off with a small batch, like this recipe. Then perfect your favorite scent combinations and then increase your amounts.

There you have it! Homemade Charcoal Body Bar, simple and sweet! If you loved this simple DIY Charcoal Body bar, be sure to check out other great DIY Handmade Gift ideas in our 12 More Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts 2016 series; our 12 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts 2015 series, and our 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts 2014 series!

Comments {4}

{4} Comments

  • 09.18.17 Miranda Wood

    I’ve never heard of charcoal soap before. I did some looking after reading this and I think this will be a new product for my Christmas baskets this year. Thank you very much.

  • 10.06.17 Jamie

    I’ve never tried charcoal body bars. I really want to make these. Thanks for sharing.

  • 01.21.18 Rosie

    This sounds so fun, I’d love to try it, I’ve always wanted to make soap, I didn’t realize you can start with the base, as I wouldn’t dare try using lye at my current place.

  • 01.22.18 Debbie P

    I am going to try this very soon. Thanks!