How To Reuse Paper Bags

We do a lot of shopping at our local Whole Foods market and we end up coming home with tons of paper bags. We much prefer these over the more common plastic bags, but are always looking for How To Reuse Paper Bags in our home. Here are some of our favorite uses that you too can enjoy when you have a surplus of paper bags. And here’s another quick tip: I like to buy paper bags online at Amazon for sack lunches for the kids. Check out the current deals at Amazon here: Paper bags

How To Use Paper Bags


Book Covers. This is by far the most popular and classic use for how to reuse paper bags. Cut them down and wrap and tape around school books to protect covers. They are tons of fun to decorate with markers, stickers and even glitter.

Wrap presents with them. There are many presents that are easily wrapped by slipping them into a paper bag. You can either put the present in the bag, decorate and use it as a gift bag, or you can cut it down and use as plain wrapping paper you can also decorate accordingly.

Shred and use in packaging. This is a great Eco-friendly way to pack breakables for shipping. Let your kids have fun ripping apart the bags, cutting and shredding them to use as packing material. This is also a great way to add bulk to gift baskets.

Line trashcans with them. This is a great use for your paper bags. They are perfect for using as trash can liners. You can even use them specifically for compost items, because the paper bags are can be used in your compost as well as the food scraps.

Use in your crafts. Not only are paper bags great for a base to make things like puppets, posters and wrapping paper, they are perfect for going under tables or projects to catch paint drips and spills. Adding these to your craft closet is a great idea.

Recycling is so important for our environment, but mostly the frugal nature will help keep you in budget. Knowing how to reuse paper bags will help you to save money and create fun new things in our home.

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  • 07.28.18 Lauryn R

    These are great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙂

  • 07.29.18 Linda Manns Linneman

    These are such great suggestions. I have never thought about doing these things.

  • 08.26.18 trey stone

    good stuff right here

  • 09.26.18 Dorothy Boucher

    I love reusing my paper bags, most of the time I use them in crafts or I save them for Christmas.

  • 10.07.18 Lisa

    I’ve never thought about these, thanks!

  • 10.18.18 ANN*H

    I prefer paper bags than plastic ones at the grocery store. I use them all the time in my plastic trash bag in the kitchen. Just pull the paper bag out and throw in the outside trash can. Also use the cut them and use them to drain the grease off French fries or fried food.

  • 11.02.18 Dorothy Boucher

    I love reusing my paper bags and well as my news papers for book covers and gift wrapping.

  • 11.14.18 Wanda Tracey

    Thanks for the great ideas! I also like that it helps to get shredded and is easily recycled to help with a greener planet.

  • 12.06.18 Karen Propes

    Good ideas, some places are switching back to paper bags because the plastic bag is so dangerous for wildlife.