Get Yourself Out Of Debt: The Series: Part 5

Get Yourself Out Of Debt: Step 5: The Motivation Problem:

Unfortunately it happens to us all.  Eventually you will find yourself wondering why you are depriving yourself… why you are going to such extremes… you’ll start to question yourself.  This is natural.  Like anything worth doing, it will not be easy. You will be tested and tried as you go through this experience.  All I can say is just remember what it’s all about, that reward at the end is freedom from debt.  Freedom from throwing your money away in interest payments. Freedom from stressing about making ends meet.

We all have slip ups.  Just make sure your slip ups are small things that won’t impede your progress. With any luck your slip up will happen much later on when your snowball is in full motion.  Why? Because you won’t notice the hiccup as bad and you won’t be deterred.

Nonetheless, you need to find a way to keep motivated.  For us, we started this blog to find ways to save money and share them with others.  We periodically update our debt status and it helps us feel accountable.  I really get charged up checking my balances regularly and watching the balances dropping.  I really get charged up watching money saving shows and debt shows on TV.

The key is to find out what really works for you.  You need some source of motivation to really get ‘amped up’ about it and keep you moving forward.

Want some free sources of motivation? Here’s my recommendations to get you started:

  • Read our blog regularly, we put up 5-10 new posts a day, everything from debt tips, frugal living tips, freebie offers, coupons and cheap deals.
  • Go to the library. Hey, everything there is FREE.  Take out a handful of books on money to help inspire you.  I fully recommend you take out a book called “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. This book is so motivational it really kicked us into gear and started us down this path.
  • Do you still have cable, if you have Headline News (HLN) watch a show called Clark Howard, he is an interesting guy to watch, all about saving money and making sound financial decisions.  He has a website as well, you can get to it here.
  • The best motivation to me of all is watching Dave Ramsey’s show.  Unfortunately he’s on a channel we don’t get (Fox Business) but you can watch old episodes FREE on HULU Here.  He can be a little extreme sometimes… but sometimes you need extreme to re-engineer your life. He has a radio show as well, see here for details.
  • Simplify your life.  I get charged up by eliminating extra clutter and stress in my life.  If I can clean and reorganize some part of my life, I feel like I have made a difference.
  • Search for new ways to save money.  I am always looking at other books and websites, reading for new frugal ideas… things I haven’t yet discovered, tried or been able to figure out.
  • Find out what works for you.

Getting yourself out of debt takes a lot of hard work and determination.  Nobody said it would be easy. But you are doing it yourself, for yourself and if applicable, your family.  Find the motivation you need when you slip up, when you feel discouraged or just to get bored.  In the end, it’s all worth it.

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*Note: This article is meant to be a general example of how one would get themselves out of debt and an explanation of how we are getting out of debt.  I am not a certified financial planner nor am I a CPA, so this article should not be considered financial advice, but a general guide for inspiration.

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  • 02.04.10 Kerrie

    This was an awesome read! Thanks for the re-motivation!

  • 05.11.10 grace

    We think Dave Ramsey is great, we listen to him on the radio when we can. My hubby found a copy of Financial Peace University CD at a garage sale unopened for $1.00. We are listening to that and enjoying it.
    We are living on a budget, cash only , paying down debt and have money in a savings account. Tired of being broke and in debt.

    good article. I think paying off the smallest debt first is good because you can feel like you are accomplishing something and then put that money on the next smallest dept.
    I like your snow flake idea. If I don’t spend all of my grocery money for the 2 week period that goes on debt or into savings.
    Keep up the great work grace